Review: Avalon 4.1, 1 th/s Bitcoin ASIC Miner, Quiet Power


Hi Everyone
I published the Avalon 4.1 review.
There will be more reviews to come as well.
Enjoy and Happy Mining.
Review: Avalon 4.1, 1 th/s Bitcoin ASIC Miner, Quiet Power


You got one of those already? Crap. Was it overly hot? Never-mind, I will read the review. :smiley:


How’s your back coming along? :smiley:


Little bit late in the game in terms of prices and power ratio but it look nice.

I’m curious about driving Avalon machine with a WR703N Router and Custom Firmware.

First time I read something about mining with a router :slight_smile:


They run Nice and Cool and quiet. A nice surprise.


I have a couple of them. The guts are nice you reflash the firmware and it
runs like us little PC.
Quite neat when they work. I use one to control a technobit Miner and some
The Avalon works well with it once you get the firmware flashed. Almost the
same interface as well.
Low power and fun.


I’m learning to live with it. Better than last summer but the end of the road for improvements. Now it is managing the mess my leg and back are in.
Still though I’m happy it’s not like last summer. :slight_smile:


Thank you for asking.


Glad things are improving then. :smiley:


Yes they did I’ve hit the end of recovery though. Now I’m trying to learn how to deal with what is left. Leg and back are rough but at least I know now.


Give it time and work. You are still really young. The body has a strange way of repairing itself more than what doctors often account for. Keep chugging away. :smiley:


I hope so. The spasms and lack of good control on top of the intense pain frustrate me so much. Falling has become part of my life that sucks.
I won’t give up though. If they can get the spasms under control they can do surgery on my hip and back where the spasms tore the muscles and some ligaments.


Not sure how much pain you can endure, but a lot of stretching exercises will help diminish muscle spasms. Start small and lite, then work your way back to medium-heavy over a long period of time. I do not know how much damage was initially done, but you have to be sure not to let them overdo the surgeries. More often than not, it leads to more bad than good.


I’m being careful. Doing the things that they allow. We got to start physical therapy again in a couple months.
The nerve and spinal cord damage are permanent and causing the spasms and pain. In learning to live around it though. Someday maybe a better treatment will happen.
I am so worn out though too many surgeries and too much pain I feel like I need to run away from my body. We are just working on managing the pain and letting my body rest. I try to not let it show when in public.