RootDude Train Departing - Scrypt Miners Unite! 2LTC Bonus!


Hey guys -

The PoW phase of the UnnamedCoin reminded me after months of cloud mining how much fun it is busting blocks and enjoying the company of fellow miners. Since the UnnamedCoin and UnnamedScamCompany took everyone’s PNGs and ran (selling them back to you at a ‘great’ discount) - I’ve taken what I could cobble together and have a nice substantial scrypt hashrate pointed over at a smaller, but one of the original LTC pools called No they don’t do any merged mining with DOGE like some others are… but after spending ten days mining balls off at GMC, and seeing that the merged coins amounted to less than $1 a day at my hashrate, I decided to find a straight up LTC pool that runs good, solid, venerable MPOS (customized) software, with an admin who’s pretty damn cool (@ZC) who has been open to bringing back PPLNS to his pool today to protect the lower hashrate miners from pooljumping farms who is also offering a blockfinder bonus of 2 LTC for the lucky rig owner.

Variance, now that I have 1.2GH pushed up there is about 24 hours per block (which is pretty good for a small pool where even a Hurricane or BlackWidow would be on the top 15 hash list) - but that could always be better with your contribution to making this pool relevant again in the LTC world.

This is a good time to be mining again (don’t believe what you hear from some nay-sayers - just because cloud mining scammers can’t make enough margin to make money to support their spending on Ferraris and Teslas doesn’t mean you have to believe that PoW mining is done) - network difficulty has plateau’d for LTC and many other scrypt coins, and money can still be made, even with LTC at a shade under $2 if you have reasonable power costs and can pick up some VERY cheap ASICs (I guess a lot of people who live where power is at a premium can’t make it work).

LTC is one of those coins that will not only survive this downturn, but is on the verge of making a comeback - no better time to fill up your wallet and wait for the rise to happen.

Anyway, feel free to hit me up if you need help via PM here. As a special favor @ZC has put up a private port 443 stratum for my friends to join us, even if you are behind a restrictive firewall! There’s a special IP for it (no DNS yet) - so send me a PM and I’ll turn you on to my 443 stratum address for his pool.



Wish I could…all my G-Blacks are…non-funtional. Good luck!


Shame - what have you done to try to re-light them? I’m sure you could cobble together at least one functional one from a bad one or two? Those G-Blacks were some pretty decent hashrates for the KwH!


They will never funtion again sadly, I was trying to convert them for use on Bonic projects after their heyday was over, no luck and much work later the boards died in a blaze of glory. They where collecting dust anyway, and now are holding up a table or something in a storage building. :slight_smile:


What a shame - those can still turn a buck or two a day even after power :smile: Well, if you come across any good deals, don’t be afraid to jump back in with a rig or two.


oh man. I so want too. I have one orb left. lol

There is nothing better than directly mining coins, I know what you are say. Every move you make is your own move and there is nothing more transparent than that.

I am sitting on the sidelines for a bit before I come back but it will be with my own miners.


I may be able to hook you up - I have a deal I’m making for 3 Titans - and only have power for two of them - so I will have at least one rig I can sell. Hit me up if you’re interested, and I’ll make you a deal to get you back in the game. Titans are the top dog at 3MH/W or therebouts… and they are by far the most profitable rigs, especially at the prices I can get them for.


OK so the custom rootdude stratum is set up for the folks that want to join the fun: stratum+tcp:// - this should be accessible from behind even the most restrictive firewalls :slight_smile:


@rootdude We did have some serious fun didn’t we.


Just joined hashfaster yesterday - not used to PPLNS, when do payouts happen ?
Is it still worth hashing here ?
Cheers :smile:
NM, found a block last night, now I know :wink: