Rugby World Cup 2015 - Score Predictions


Hi all :slight_smile:

So its Rugby World Cup time again, being a South African I am excited to support my national team.

England are the hosts for this years tournament. I wanted to do something fun! Lets do a score prediction.

There are match fixtures and I was thinking that we can predict scores for some of the big games.


  • You are only allowed to predict once You are not allowed to edit your

  • post where you predicted. It will be void!

  • You have to predict before the game starts


I will predict first

1st Game

England vs Fiji

England 22
Fiji 13


In an epic upset… Fiji 18 - England 12


FC Bayern Munich!!! oh wait…


…a bunch of guys play with the largest ball on the field…

What do I win?


Too bad I didn’t have money on Japan to win… talk about an upset of epic proportions.


@wpstudio Yeah really did not expect it to go down like that.

Still supporting the Boks though. But I honestly dont think they will play in a final.


I remember being down in Durban in 1995 and getting a chance to attend a few of the matches. Awesome memories. Had a few friends who played on the Junior Springboks (I think that’s what the younger / development team was called.)


Prediction for tomorrow’s USA vs Fiji

Fiji - 87
USA - 7



Latest Results


Upcoming matches

Interesting games to watch will be

Scotland vs Japan
Australia vs Fiji


Scotland 21
Japan 13

Australia 22
Fiji 16


It was epic. Am in shock :wink:




Safe to say South Africa won that one.


Soooooooooo close


LOL best comment yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Scotland vd Australia this weekend is going to be great to watch.

EDIT Australia vs Wales, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


Scotland vs Samoa is next isn’t it? Or am I behind…

EDIT: Yes, it’s Australia v Wales which will be a good match I’m sure. Scotland Need to win and USA need to put up a great fight against Japan :wink:


The only sport I actually will sit and watch.


thats a good sport but this one has it beat


Fantastic result :slight_smile: