Rugby World Cup 2015 - Score Predictions


So here we are in the Quarter Finals.

I say

SA wins by 7
NZ wins by 10
ARG wins by 9
AUS wins by 12


So Lizzy has at least a 50% chance of seeing one of her teams win…looking good for her :slight_smile:


I have a feeling that Scotland are going to get slaughtered by Australia but don’t mind really - making the quarter finals is achievement enough for good old Scotland (and as a bonus Wales and Ireland are through too).


Feeling pretty proud right now - not the whitewash that many (including myself) predicted.


Yup, close call 35-34


Big games this weekend, Semi Finals.

SA vs NZ

Also just realized its only Southern Hemisphere teams. Also know as the Rugby Championship teams.


NZ wins
AUS wins


SA wins
ARG wins


–Loser Bracket–

I expect South Africa to win

– Championship Game –

I expect New Zealand to win




Dang… I should have placed some money on those two games.

Anyway… great final match.


Great final!!

Results as expected and happy with it. NZ are well deserved winners, so much respect for their team.