S3+ Hashing Board Needed


Hello all. A friend is looking for a replacement board for an S3+ miner. You all may know him. At Hash Talk he calls himself @coinminer. Below is the link where he posted his request. Hoping somebody here may be able to help out. Please reply to the HT thread if possible. Thanx in advance!!



Looks like @coinminer already has an account here :slight_smile:


You are correct I do. He was just helping out :slight_smile: if anyone knows of a hashing board please message me


I just found it funny to see the name tag in the OP that’s all. :slight_smile:


I know I have not been here at all. Shame on me. It’s been a while.


If you have a box of junk miners parts you wanna get rid, you can send it to me.
I pay the shipping :wink: