Sadly WTS 41.9GHX


Hey guys,
Money is tight in the College realm, and I realized that I need to add some money to my student account for a new lab fee that wasn’t there last semester.
So, I have to sell all but 10 of my GHX (I’m holding on to those for sentimental reasons :slight_smile: I just like the darn things too much.)
I am selling exaclty 41.9 GHX, as of right now BTC is 253 so that’s what I’ll use for conversion.
I am selling them for about 6$/coin, which I know is more than they usually go for but I’m in a bit of a pinch so I’m being forced to sell things I really, really do not want to sell :confused:
However, 6$ * 41.9 GHX comes out pretty nicely to like 1 BTC exactly
PM me if you’re interested, or email me at
(I’ll still be around and once I get my money this summer I’ll be back up to full strength in Crypto investing :wink: plus I plan to invest the DRK (now DASH) in @astro and the gang’s Masternode operation :slight_smile: )

I wasn’t super clear about sales terms, I’m willing to split these up of course, 6$ is just ballpark, but I will sell the whole batch for 1 BTC


I thought I closed this already…

Edit: Is this still supposed to be active?


No It’s supposed to be closed :slight_smile: