[SCAM] GAWMiners, Paybase, ZenCloud

  • When it became clear that Prime owners wouldn’t be mining PoW “at all”
  • When I looked at the coins source after the ninja launch
  • When I first logged in to Paybase looking at 5 pages of “coming soon”

  • …hate to keep you waiting…
  • … hate to talk about stuff before it’s done…

Since when?

  • major platform is being announced… largest platform Paycoin…

Another one? Oh well, soonTM

  • major Coinstand announcment…

Just release something “average” for once but make sure it works.

  • New forum…

Well… after the recent RIP of HashTalk and it’s revival, why not.

  • I’m just happy to be near finish with fulfilling on my statements…

@InsaneMiner you got the list handy?

  • It will be good to the majority of these detractors off my back and finally rest.

Firstly, horrible English, must be really Mr Garza. Secondly… HAHA…right.

Finally!!! I just picked up 200,000 XPY on Bittrex!

Hmm well, some stuff better remains unspoken as to not interfere with an ongoing investigation.


So is it debit cards today or is it a downgrade to just a business card?


From Vista Print


Ah yes the old, let’s start a new project and scrap the old one method! Brilliant! Sometimes we’ll never get anything done. But that’s ok! Because we’re still working on stuff!


When Josh called me to ask how to word the announcement, prior to Christmas, that the release of Paybase was being postponed until January. On the phone he stated to me that there were some minor setbacks in some functions of the finished product that they needed to complete. When the day came, and all I saw was an online wallet, that was the moment that it became very clear that he was incapable of delivering anything complex.


I became seriously concerned XPY and GAW would fail when they were caught breaching the premine a week or so before the Miami conference. When it took Josh over 48 hrs to answer the question about it, that he said he would look into and report back on the reason. When the response was no worries people we just dip into the held xpy to dump on the exchanges to get btc so we can buy more xpy on paybase. The answers lack of concern, the dismissive tone and complete disregard for why such a thing would even be of concern convinced me there were serious problems with this whole endeavor. at the time I figured if it all turned around i still had all those stakers and coins in them to turn a nice profit so I decided to hedge my potential loss and i dumped all liquid coins ASAP in the 4 dollar range.

The Miami fiasco and payflash debacle weekend made me realize josh and GAW were completely incompetent and that i would dump all stake payouts every day and would fire sell my stakers if and when the opportunity presented itself.

in the weeks following the Miami conference debacle it became obvious beyond any reasonable doubt that everything was a lie and the whole thing was a con job so when the staker market opened i fire sold all my stakers (kept the legendarys, cause id rather see them vanish then sell them to somebody for a song) within a 96 hour period.

in the end I was at a slight profit but beyond that made damn good money on cryptsy during payflash crash and in subsequent trading of the hypes.

even added some more :smile:
No premine, we’ll mine for our coins just like everyone else" - lie
Hashlets will “Never expire and always be profitable” - lie
Valutbreakers - lie
Prime Hashlets will be able to mine SHA-256 - lie
Prime Hashlets will be the only ones mining XPY PoW phase - lie
HashBase - lie
AmpStore is coming soon - lie
Hybrid-thermal-rubber-rabbit-flux-chain BTC2 capabilities - lie
Orion nodes with higher payouts - lie
Paybase debit card - lie
Paybase Amazon, WallMart and co - lie
Paybase BillPay - lie
Paybase thousands of merchants on board - lie
XPY $20 floor - lie
World leading coin development team hired - lie
CAF (Coin Adoption Fund) - lie
$100 Million Fiat reserve - lie
We’re moving the market - lie
GAW “bought” BTC.com for $1 Million dollar - lie
GAW bought ZenCloud for $8 Million dollar - lie
We’ll destroy all the test coins once we’ve finished debugging - lie
premier accounts on paybase will go out in a week - lie
hundreds of coinstand invites are going out in the next few hours - lie
Honors program will buy back coins at 20$ - lie
Prime Hashlets will no longer be sold after a certain date - lie
Paybase is here to stay - lie
Thousands of coinstand invites are going out this week - lie
GAW is not dumping any XPY on exchanges - lie

Remember Legendarys limited to 500 - LIE
Vegas Legendarys only given to those attending Vegas - LIE
Vegas Legendarys will be the rarest of Legendarys - LIE
Holloween legendarys will be able to combine into something special - LIE
Staker Legendarys will only be limited to 100 - LIE
all Legendarys converted to Stakers will keep their Legendary status - LIE
all legendarys converted to Stakers will get extra abilities - LIE


This is what did it for me as well.


Thanks for sharing that list again! @jporter glad to hear that you’re close to fulfilling the above. I almost thought it wouldn’t happen.


Which one of you sent that very well crafted letter to Josh calling him out on it? I remember evidence from the blockchain was shown and the phrase don’t insult my intelligence.


This is the best 1 sentence sum up of the GAW mentality. Kudos!


@InsaneMiner @rootdude
Not that the list is lacking…

They used a small part (130k) of the premine to jump start the test node.
PC3deLaFAK84pdxQek64KwLjQPCwpEQoka = Test node address.
The inputs go all the way back to the premine wallet (https://chainz.cryptoid.info/xpy/address.dws?PC4FduchmWbHNYgkHeaB1foMDyhgpJszh6.htm)

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I distinctly remember @allen1980s saying that.

Josh created the most advanced crypto coin in the world. We shouldn’t bash him. He is a genius…

’ April Fool’s ! :stuck_out_tongue:


I used this phrase when he unveiled the Honors Program. I got banned for that.



So advanced and so ahead of its time that the retail technology hasn’t caught up yet. That is why there is no utility yet. But once the retail sector grasps the advanced tech, watch out…XPY to the moon!

I am going to buy another 200,000 XPY right now on Cryptsy…

April Fool’s Again !! :slight_smile:



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You need to tag @jporter who might be interested in your generous offer.

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I bought that much too. Feel like I wasted 0.000001 BTC though.


Maybe the easter bunnt will bring us all chocolate paycoin

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