SCAM: Ionomy and Ion


I actually asked about that on slack:

  • The incentives are for game tournaments etc.
  • The dev bounty rewards go to developers that deliver certain (community) requested functionality. This may include Team ION devs I think.
  • The paycoins that converted are being burned. Proof/links should be provided to the blockchain.

Ofcourse anyone can have their own intepretation.


interpretation makes a coin…
There would be less of a problem if XPY was scrapped awhile ago and efforts went into establishing a separate alt coin.

At this point the other coin would have proven itself or flopped already but the perception would have been different.

Now forever XPY = ION = a scam, at least in most people’s eyes :see_no_evil:



finally another scam to invest in. from the great planners of xpy support team
how many times did they ■■■■ up and get hacked

:rocket: to the moon :innocent:


Even @huey agreed on that, but that argument does only support the current move imho.

I don’t want to argue if it’s a scam or not, i’m just missing the valid arguments. I do respect your opinion, but I just see emotions and opinions most of the time. I think everybody already knows that there are mixed feeling in the community, and it does not make this topic any more valuable by keep repeating those. Ofcourse this may somewhat be inherent to the still missing whitepaper as therefore there’s little facts to discuss yet…


isnt it just another fully premined coin. what more is there to say


You mean the ‘problem’ that the money from the initial selling/ico goes to team ion’s fund? True, that could be a problem IF not transparent. It has been stated that (prev) team ion isn’t non-profit, so i don’t know how people in crypto would handle this. Crypto most of the times is about you making money and not allow others to, right? :wink:

That’s one of the potential trust issues with the bits, those were not on the blockchain so it is not traceable what money has been spent where. Now those bits are converted into ION for a similair value according the ICO price, but it does make it more complex to track.

ICO still lasts more than a month. Let’s see comes up.


Looks like they’ve put up something interesting we can discuss about :slightly_smiling:


Let’s see the source first and then discuss if the Whitepaper even comes close.


You think they’d make the same Garza twice? Closed source most likely to prevent the fudders from ruining another gawvention…


I’m quite confident that the premine part will be close to spec.


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There isn’t a barge pole long enough to not touch this with. IMHO.


Okay, so they’ve done a Yahoo piece without mentioning their roots…and mentioning the stakers without mentioning that the idea was pulled from that other coin and was only ever designed to enrich that idiot…

I can’t even be bothered to get involved beyond asking this: having done the yahoo release is there a coin, has anyone checked the source & is there anything remotely like what they’be described?

Edited coz spellchecker is a ■■■■ head on this phone.


I can’t even…

“Stakers are products similar to Certificate of Deposits, time restricted
to 3, 6, 9, and 12 months and pay a fixed rate of return for that
period of time. Rates start at 10% and can, for brief periods of time,
go beyond 100% through platform incentives…”


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Any idiot can make a press release :joy:

Just because it’s on yahoo/msn/ect doesn’t mean there is legitimacy, just gives the illusion of legitimacy because you can say it was published via well know news sites.

Next up, CNN :+1:


With its revolutionary digital currency, ION, at the center of the “ionomy,”



new MEME with no Naughty words


Yep any idiot with ~$250 can do a “press release” that gets picked up on Yahoo/MSN

I’ve heard that before, somewhere…