SCAM: Ionomy and Ion


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i guess you never heard that this continual personal attacking of people, is one of the many reasons each of the coins you guys follow crash and burn.

Either take the time to educate, discuss, and accept there will be difference of opinion, and attacks on the roots of the original coins prior to the continual transition of platforms/coins.

Or accept that you will assist in the death of the coin by the inability to do any of these actions.

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the meme was in reference to the article. Not you. The coin seems idiotic. However it’s not an attack on you, @huey or any of the devs. The history that will follow the coin, will stick. Unless something happens to make it not. Time will tell. Not paid marketing.


oh god here we go again. can you please answer suchmoons question? or are we back in GAW days where marketing was the KING and only result of the coin. go back and read the leaked emails with WSJ and Garza

if you dont know the answer maybe you should consider why you invested in the coin with out knowing some of the core elements before hand. i mean sure it COULD work, maybe theres corruption and loopholes in google play / apple store or unforeseen rule changes etc

so far the facts are not suggesting such


Would it be inappropriate to mention the guys at Game Credits here? They were at CoinFestUK representing themselves and their concept, I had the chance to have a good chat with one of them and I really enjoyed it.

Seems they’ve got their heads screwed on properly and the concept is simple enough, though gaming focused coins have been tried before, such as Hyper.

Btw, if it’s wrong to mention Game Credits here I’ll happily withdraw this post :slight_smile:


In one of the deleted posts @pcminer seems to argue that there is a wallet. There isn’t:

Nothing on github either.


Oh, is “potato” on the naughty list now? :scream:


Was sad all the posts were removed…then remembered he can still see them :speak_no_evil:

To me, deleting posts in mass speaks volumes of the personal character of said poster.
People need to stop being such pussies and getting offended by everything.

please note posting the above meme in your actual post would have been considered an abuse of power :disappointed:


gamecredits is sweet, i like them. slow and steady those guys hahaha
on topic; frack this coin. i also believe “github talks” its the easest way to show how much work and for how long a project has into it imo.




Still waiting for an answer from them about where the company is registered and why it doesn’t appear on any searches…


15 hours now since I first asked for evidence that there is a real registered company and the only replies are “we’re looking into why it’s not appearing on search” & “we’ve reached out to our local director for help, we’ll get back to you when we have answers”.

Ffs, come on, surely it’s a five minute job to provide evidence that the company actually exists, not >15 hours…


Even if they manage to quickly buy a shelf company and post the credentials it’s still quite amazing how the loud supporters including MrCoins apparently didn’t do any due diligence (again) otherwise that info could have been posted by anybody.

Actually it’s probably not incredible at all, just how they operate.


He’s [mr coins is] actually annoying me at the moment, it’s like he’s moved into chief shill mode, where every question is swatted aside & declared irrelevant.

Obviously he hasn’t learned a damn thing from his GAW losses.


Come on, this time it will be different. FBI has not arrested Matlack yet so he’s totes legit.

Come to think of it, FBI has not yet arrested me either so I’m super trustworthy and everyone must send all their Bitcoins to Singapore. I might give you some PNGs at some point in the future unless my attention span expires before then, in which case you will be able to invest in my next great idea.


I told MrCoins that his unique ethics and skills match very well on Crypto-City through BCT :smiley:
He realizes who I am and how we interacted on hashtalk.
I hope he stays there :grin:


Much temptation :joy:


Why delete? It’s so much fun if s/he stays…