SCAM: Ionomy and Ion



Hmm seen that before but where?


If there is no red rocket I ain’t buyin’.


its purple now :frowning:


Yay more rockets!!!



You mean KSP supports ION!!!@#$#!!! Great news! Call WSJ!



Ionomy launched the ICO on April 4, 2016 and has already sold over half of the initial 5 million ION that have been offered at a starting price of $0.20/ION. The price of ION is on a rising scale, increasing in increments of $0.01 weekly until the conclusion on May 16, 2016.

the Ionomy team raised over $125,000 USD in venture capital from their initial crowd sale

Forgive me if my maths is off or i am missing something as I have spent little to no time on iNONOmy as it is clear to even a redheaded step child that this thing is a giant Lemon


2.5 million ion sold at a 20 cent valuation would be $500,000 USD. So what happened to all the money?


<sarcasm mode>
You don’t want to be getting all hung up on mere details when this is SUCH a good opportunity…
</sarcasm mode>


Don’t fud, they registered a company in Singapore.

It must be true, despite all evidence to the contrary. Pastor matlock said so.

So utterly legit. I just invested all my retirement savings coz ionomy is gonna make me wealthy as ■■■■ & all you peasants that didn’t believe will be left crying.


Was there a time in this shift to ION for XPY holders to trade in the coin for the other?


The ION Initial Coin Offering / Initial Staker Offering (ICO/ISO) period is 6 weeks. The Initial Staker Offering purchases using XPY will happen only on the platform. If you hold XPY now and want to invest in the new coin, you will have a limited window of a little over a month to swap.


I think that the “swap” was over in the first couple of days, after the announcement.


So…the launch…

Last I heard they’d reset the chain which will delay the public launch.



actualy forced a fork because they did not get the mulit million coin genesis block…oh NVM that was ex-pee-why…nothing to do with eye-on…


Soooooooooo no time to answer questions cause you know like they are DOING!! not answering silly questions and now they are not even doing?


Oh lord its been a while since i laughed this hard


Something I didn’t anticipate from this coins launch was Carmelo Milan’s son coming in to troll.

It was a small funny surprise for the day.
Also a little sad to think there’s people out there willing to lie and cheat people using their children.


I agree that was an unexpected plot twist!!!

I wonder where they go from here?

Kudos to the writers of this tragedy for keeping up the suspense.