SCAM: Ionomy and Ion





I hope your doing well with the GAW-suit and your enjoying JG getting slowly roasted.
I have this silly question as I look over what Adam’s been doing since Bitlend.
Do you still have Adam Matlack employed under Prestige Auditing still?

I don’t presume your assisting him with this ION project. You definitely have better things to do with your talents.

Anyways, this altcoin is already turning into something weird.
It has $505k~ish in funding behind it and it doesn’t have even a beta game behind it.
I don’t think this would be even acceptable to you as a businessman.

Possibly you can reach out to Adam and ask, ‘what dafuq is going on’?
I’m sure you and him still have a respectable relationship.


Game should be released early-mid June… well, yeah, i know :wink:

Where did you get the 505k$'ish? Did you add xpybits capital?

I’d say it was 2.8M - 1.2 conversion - 0.8M bonus = 0.8M x 0.25$ ~= 200k$
I don’t know the exact numbers, but it should be something like that?
Xpybits were 0.0035-0.005 each, although bitcoin price fluctuated a lot during this period. So using the safe side of numbers it would be 0,0035 x 350$/btc x 100 000 = 112,5k$

Together 300k$+. Where did the other 200k$ come from? :slight_smile:


Guesstimate from the posted investors buying ION coins and checked my Fibonacci accordions.
Asked for the xpybits capital conversion information, it was never answered.

Cool, what the 0.8M bonus from?

$300k then, gawesome :slight_smile:. Let me know about that bonus though

Thank you for providing a better approximate than Adam and the combined ION team can seem to grace the rest of the global communities with.
Nope, not joining another temporary chat to go listen for mixed messages either. I’m growing weary from known actors running across this space. Asking for monies but you have to listen for the divine message in a separate room that doesn’t record.

First, I asked my friends that game test/develop for Nintendo and MS. The conservative number for making a beta PC games is $100k~ish depending on the engine you want, mobile can be done for half. Mostly dependent on art IPs/licences. Then add in the platform/device you want to port from.
Second, it takes roughly a good 3-6mo to test from alpha. Then 6mo for beta testing. Dependent on monies and staff.

With even your number of $300k I’m disappointed in this project and its projections.
I’m taking another guesstimate and calling another friend.

The investors and public that decides to participate will have to assist the ION team with debugging and errors with said beta game.


from their own paid press release

“Ionomy launched the ICO on April 4, 2016 and has already sold over half of the initial 5 million ION that have been offered at a starting price of $0.20/ION”

2.5 million times 0.20 equals $500,000.00

This statement from their own paid press release written By “Sources: Press Release,

The bold statement that they sold OVER 2.5 Million Ion at a price of.$0.20 per is clearly meant to show how much in demand the coin is and how much money they have already raised further implying they have lots of money for development.

I made the post 15 posts above this innocently asking where the money went since you know and i know that they did not SELL that many Ions that a majority of them where given out in trade for XPY and or bits or whatever the hell they sold people from their site.

The point is that its misrepresentation, its an attempt to shade the truth, its shady. and it is but one example of a systemic attempt by them to make the hard sell.

For the love of all!!! WHY can not people be simply honest?

If what ionomy claims will bear fruit then simple do that and leave the BS hard sell cult crap to the onecoin evil

No reasonable person trusted the Xpy team and its bits and stuff

No reasonable person now trusts the Ionomy team (formally known as the XPY team) and its ions, atoms and electrons stuff

I mean let us be Honest with each other for once. We are all politely or with humor dancing around the subject trying to persuade those that have never heard of any of this to either buy Ions or not to buy ions

Ionomy will never get off the ground or get major investments unless they can actually perform and until and unless they do perform all the hype,soon™, shady tactics and the rest is worse than useless.

All that has been accomplished in my opinion over the course of the last year and half by and ionomy is to string out the absolute failure of XPY and let bigger bagholders prey on smaller bag holders

hmmmm maybe i should have put this in the rant section


The 0.8M bonus came from XPYBITS conversion. Every XPYBIT was converted into an ATOM with 8 ION in 1mo staker. As there are 100K ATOM, 100K x 8 ION = 800K bonus.

Developing games can be done much cheaper. These word game that is “in development” for example. Serious games will take considerable more time and money, but it’s not like they are developing a realistic 3D shooter with multiplayer support :wink:


The 2.8M that were sold, includes the conversion and bonuses. While the XPYBITS were bought during XPY-time, the capital (that is left) is probably converted into ION’s capital. So you could discuss to include the bonus or some other amount into the sales number for that.

For the XPY conversion, these were burned and so no capital was converted into ION. You could discuss to include them in the number of ION sold, but should not include it in the new capital for ION.

And I did have a minor mistake in my calculation, ION were not sold for 0.25$ during ICO but 0.20-0.25.

Some people are probably working for free and hope to get ION off the ground as they would greatly profit from that (invested), which is fair enough for me.


How’s the company registration going?


Is there any accounting available for the XPYBits funds? I.e. how much was collected, what it was spent on, how much remains and what will it be spent on?

The PR number is obviously misleading. There was only ~600k coins actually sold, as opposed to >2.5 million implied. And they also mention $125k raised previously (XPYBits presumably) so those funds are being double-counted.

After securing initial funding of $125,000 through an initial crowdsale offering in November of 2015, the ionomy team built the foundational platform and developed the new blockchain based digital currency.


has already sold over half of the initial 5 million ION that have been offered at a starting price of $0.20/ION.

I can “sell” a trillion coins this way.


On the accounting for xpybits expences, none public that i know of


@MrCoins is suggesting that ION should be listed on Paul Vernon’s Cryptsy scam-clone in China. For once I fully agree with ION’s village idiot.

He doesn’t have a ■■■■■■■ clue what he’s talking about, does he? Pump pump pump pump dump pump pump pump oops I got scammed pump pump pump dump pump pump [we are here now] …




Gravity trailer

@huey Best of luck capturing your target demographic with this jumping garbage :joy:
Hey isn’t this guy in space, where’s his helmet?


Helmets are potentially hazardous…


You just FUD now because the $20k prize is slipping away :slight_smile:

200 downloads by July 20 is likely if they somehow get it on Google. I’d say your chances of winning have gone from 100% to 99.99% …


Yeah we’ll see :smiley:
They couldn’t steady the ION chain and Adam had to let it breathe.
Yet in Gravity you don’t need to breathe or helmet.
It’s not a scam though /s

I think I need to bring back Hashy, if he hasn’t killed himself or seen the trailer yet…


pump and dump lol

I bet people are super happy they got in on the 25 cent ICO!!!


That game sure does look good! Can’t wait for the gameplay. Hope there’s multiplayer support too (as in ‘compete’).


Based solely on the trailer, it looks more like one of the countless iOS apps you can pay an Indian $20 to make :joy: