SCAM: Ionomy and Ion


That’s exactly right!
I asked my game dev/tester friends about what they think and they pointed me to the Unity engine page.
Estimated cost for the prepackage is $100
They’ll know more once the game is/if released.!/content/12373 (example of ad-dons you can buy)

The ION team frankencloned Blackcoin and Dash.
This is exactly what I imagined.


Bring me in contact with this Indian please. Ill buy several.


unfortunately, slavery has become illegal, you might have to rent one :wink:


I’ve used Unity when I was a teenager. I don’t understand what’s wrong with it, great platform/framework. I don’t have experience with the Android/iOS SDK, is it as good?

You’re saying Gravity was made with Unity? That could get interesting imho. Both positive and negative. Positive, fast game development/reuse of optimized components and best practices. Negative, less native control/fine tuning because of default framework features.


yes you can see the unity splash screen in the trailer. theres nothing wrong working with unity as long as you put effort into it… just buying few components and throwing it together wont create a hit for you

of course maybe theres some kick ass play elements hidden and not shown in the trailer… but dont hold your breath usually trailers are packed with all the cool stuff unless they are marked as teasers :sunglasses:


I replied further to you on the BCT thread.
Unity is awesome!
But you can clone the game and the coin.
What does that leave of value if there are no unique concepts to be utilized.

That’s pretty much what my dev friends said.
No, I’m not a game dev despite what I like to rant/troll boki15 with :wink:
I am friends with many people and players to ask them politely does this project have any chance.
The oldest one (50yo+) literally said, ‘that ■■■■ was boring 20 years ago best move on to that word game’.

That was enough for me to decide whether or not to chance the investment.
The rest was knowing the team attempting to do this.
If it was another team, I would give it a chance.

I hope you exit out on the next price spike or where you break even/comfortable with it.
There are other games and developers already doing what ION is attempting to do.
Unity is actually a community I could see produce a game+crypto token mechanism.

All this talk of digital items breathing…



in all seriousness the sad thing is for such a simple “template” game, Why was it not ready to go with the release of the coins? same for the word game?

I are not a game dev but even to me these seem like simple games that you could pay someone a small amount to pop out for you. the delay in launch just smacks of poor planing and incompetence.

hell i would think the smart play would have been some sort of retro RPG text game like they had on the old Bulletin Board systems. allowing ionomy “community” to interact with each other and fight or mine ions. instead of this sad sad gravity thing

For that matter I have played some of the more modern MMO text (or with minimal graphics) games that have in game currency that you can buy with LTC, BTC and Dodge to jumpstart your character. I can not think of any good reason to complicate that model with the Ionomy stuff… other than to bilk people out of money.

Hell for having a bunch of super duper cutting edge game devs they could not even do something like lothendriel did with his gaming shop???

Artifax Gaming & Shops


Looks cool what @lothendriel did. Don’t know if it is a game that any person would just install on their mobile.

I get what you are saying, there are many (much simpler) games to develop to get the ionomy going. But the difficulty is how to make a profit out of it. For the casino games, that is easy, but also illegal in many countries or at least many legal issues.

If the ION price is a good representation for the enthousiasm about the game trailer, they are not there yet.

But hey, we got from “it is a scam” to “this may not be the best game they could develop”… who knows what’s next :smiley:


no I am still pretty much sticking with “it is a scam”

What do you think Ion_huey?


Well, you could be right, but at least you have a argument less now to be right :wink:


Oh there’s always more with this group…
"I find it extremely funny that the web site already has my email account as signed up, yes the very one used for paycoin, however try a password rest and then it asks for a 2fa code. The funny thing is I never signed up for ION at any time! ■■■■ you now this is good when the email that you used only at the end of the GAW saga is already registered with 2FA and a password that cannot be changed."

@huey Whatch’ya doing with the old email database from Paycoin?

Edit: @rdewilde As I said on BCT. I don’t think its about the coin/games really. What I see is a platform development going on and using other peoples funds and time being used to do it.


Actually you can visit any OpenSim based environment on your phone. - :wink:


It’s @lothendriel! Good to see you, man!


Here’s the ION teams newest tease on their business model for the ioinomy.

Roses - The Chainsmokers video -
I’m sure The Chainsmokers won’t flag your video for copy-right infringement for a while. Possibly the Youtube checker won’t catch it for a bit either.

@huey Going for the Coinstand angle now?
Are you going to send out invites as well?


Good to been seen lol :wink: Thanks @astro


No. I have, thankfully, nothing to do with the new coin. :slight_smile:


Hmmm im bored think ill go play one of those games they have been releasing each month from Iono… wait not even one single game has been released???

well no games to play so I gots to entertain my self some how

Title change
Ionomy and Ion --> linked to TeamXPY, XPY.IO, and the XPY fiasco


If you buy 5000 Atoms (0.002 x 5000 = 10 BTC) you can instantly join Alpha-testing, as the game is there. This is NOT an investment advice xD




still better than gravity