SCAM: Ionomy and Ion


Similar treatment may be in store?



So, there’s still no game? Still no signs of an actual registered company in Singapore? Ionomists still selling their remaining relatives to prop up the price etc?


Yeah, no game, no registered company as far as I can tell. There’s a couple of pumpers like MrCoins and Wild Ion Shark who pop up occasionally on their slack to try and subtly (or not so subtly in Wild Ion Shark’s case) stir up hype, but the reality is that this is a project with a minuscule amount of interest in it at the moment. Huey will also sometimes appear to try and steady the ship, but even his appearances are limited these days.



No game. I won the @Suchmoon contest for guessing correctly :smiley:

The company is skewed in registration space but I tracked the registration office address. Then come to find that the address belongs to an international business that services foreign businesses to be compliant with Singapore law. In other words they have a paid surrogate in Singapore.

Wildshark is the new MrCoins :slight_smile:

Huey is setup nicely to fold his past obligations, debt/bag holders, into a new game. Word has it on the BCT thread they converted the Bitcoin from the ICO to cash. So they can ride the idiots hope and tears for a while.


He invented a new concept: “dollar address”. It’s a bitcoin address that has 0 BTC in it because the BTC has been converted to USD.


For your honest information: Live Game Play of Gravity:

It looks like that something is really happening finaly :soon:


Live devving but none live atm


Damn, this was all supposed to be happening months ago…I wonder, does anyone know how many are still believing in the ionomy on their slack channel?


The main cult-coin theater can be found and read here -> (some choice comments highlighted by @kken)

You could always join the channel. Buy yourself a whale of a time and become the faithful once moar :scream:


There’s also @suchmoon’s ION FAQ page which is also enjoyable to watch :slight_smile:


You fudders still don’t get it… the hopeful anticipation is the best part of this (because the product itself is likely to be underwhelming) so the longer the delay the better. :laughing:


Still better game than gravity


still a better game than gravity


But ION is still worth more then my GH ETH miners, lol


IDK have your tried selling one for 15 cents?


Hmmmm what does the sound track to the as yet to be released first game “Gravity” sound like?


Fudders gonna fud, paycoiners gonna skin their cashtakers:

Note the “BTC only” fine print. Such nice guys, taking your old, slow, worthless BTC.


hehe they are flooding the market with more useless IONs by selling stakers with huge returns of more useless IONs. and only accepting BTC for it lol.