SCAM - - No Payments since Dec 2014


@reini you know this isn’t allowed.

Your spreading of misinformation on different subject matters then buying up smaller accounts cheap and stringing bigger accounts along in hopes they’ll drop their pricing is also just as negative as your post.

If you have nothing to provide to the conversation but needless statements, don’t post.


Ai ai captain! :grin:

How do you come to that conclusion i spreade misinformation? I bought shares for an fair price not like others for low ball offers, annnnd i did this because i hope/gambel to recive gen2 hardware not crap promises, but as we see mr skipp is on vacation sonce 1 week annnnnd i slowly worry about my gambel but that is an other story annnnnd if i post something on litecointalk it get censored so i post it here buuuuut looks like you’re nervs are also down because you’re involvement with ltcgear… Apologizes and no hard feelings nemesio!



Yet again you show you’re inept at comprehending things it’s not 25-35% it’s 5-20% of initial share price > The fee is around 5% – 20% of initial share price and it can be calculated only at the end of the year.

All fees shown by people have been well within the 5-20% price bracket of initial share pricing.

I worked out how much I spent on my shares at the end of September just after the Multiplication kicked in. Anyhow, I’ve got 17014 qASIC’s, or 4 x 160 Mh/s pack, a 83 Mh/s pack, I converted shares from BTC to shares on December the 19th (Last day I got paid) which was @ the 300 Mh/s pack rate (3376 qASICS). I bought 100 qASICS from the LTCGear Forum Shop for $35.99 and the other 6400 came from transfers myself and a trusted user on the forum which at the time, the price of shares where going for 3000 for $899.

So my grand total for 17014 shares is $6927.74. I have 20 Gen2 ASICS as well but they only cost me $295 with a discount coupon around at the time so you can add another $590 to the total. $7517.74 is what I spent in the LTCGear shop. If I use the max fee % mentioned in the ad for the 300Mh/s packs etc, it’s 20%.

20% of $7517.74 = $1503.548 or at $225 a Bitcoin its 6.70 Bitcoins.

BUT My fee after only being a member from the 26th September till the 19th December, not even three months of the promised 1 years power and maintenance fees covered when you bought shares from the LTCGear shop. My fee is
28.98710000 BTC or $6522.0975 @ $225 per Bitcoin. Or 86.75% my maintenance fee works out to be.

Disgusting is all I can say.

Anyhows thanks for listening to my rant. I’ve been a long time lurker of this forum but never popped my head in and said hello. Somewhat active on LitecoinTalk forum though, but that’s not the best environment to have constructive conversations and discussions about what to do since it always seems to ends in arguments.



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Hello back!


Hi Aspa…

It’s been a long time since I have ventured in these forums walls… But I see that you guys are alot more pro-active about getting something done about Chris and hopefully getting some of our money back.

Since my last payout on the 19th of December which was a conversion to shares, Chris owes me 8040 Litecoins. And I would dearly love them sooner rather than later due to the massive prince increase in Litecoin heading towards $4.00US a coin. If I get paid out from Chris in BTC I get 62 BTC. If I get paid in Litecoins then say I was to sell all of them at current market price, it would be 8040 * 0.01537 = 123.57 BTC. ($31,830 US).




Don’t count your chickens yet… Getting LTC from Chris is still less likely than drawing blood from a rock.

Instead, perhaps dive into the fun world that’s called colored coins, if only while you’re still waiting… It’ll lighten the mood :smile:

See e.g. this one, it’s fun and amazing: ITT - Investment Tracker Token (track the ROI of any investment)
Or this one to get into the smart asset mindset: GHcoin Mining Operation Shares & Definition (B1 CLOSED!)


I’m going to post this here.

I’m not going to have a discussion about it here though. A legal action is going to be started and anyone that is interested in participating in the action is required to provide their RL information.

If you do not plan to provide RL information (name, address, phone, email) do not fill out the form because it will not be sent to the lawyer.

If you do not plan to provide financial information for the case providing a paper trail of bank funded fiat to crypto currency exchange, fiat equivalent value of crypto in exchange for services rendered and a blockchain trail to purchased products at LTCGear you may not be able to participate in the action.

This form is for filing to participate in the action. It required RL information, and at this time only products that you own in your combined LTCGear accounts. The form can be updated in the future if you make and purchases or sales. This form will be up for approximately 2 weeks.

Request to participate in class action against LTCGear

*Note this this legal action does not necessarily mean that a lawsuit is taking place. The strategy for proceeding will be determined by legal counsel once we gather the initial participants.


Can you repeat please or go into greater detail? I didn’t comprehend… I think I guess.

I liked the “yet again” part best.

Hmm NeoShares, doing “something” about “that” was never a topic for “some”. Enough said cause I now Yak feels “it’s all good”.

@OzMiner44 welcome back.

[quote=“aspa, post:3772, topic:2031”]
Don’t count your chickens yet… Getting LTC from Chris…[/quote]

…wont happen…

is still less likely than drawing blood from a rock.



So why is yak selling his account on litecointalk? :grin:


He probably won’t, he’s just wanting to be the center of attention as usual.


So… When is this Q&A? Wasn’t it supposed to be last week? Wonder what the hold up is? He must just be really busy or something like that. Must be tough to run a legit operation as large as this is with only one person.

@trutherseeker, are you lying again? Nothing you have said so far has been true. Could you talk to him again and get back to us.

Maybe he is thinking how to get more fees out of the fools that paid him.


3 employees, not alone according to the report and arti’s visit.

I don’t understand why he stops playing the ETA game, Now the community unites against him legally :smile:


and because of this he will make some action happen till people stop pursuing legal action, then he will go quite again. He has ZERO intention of paying ANYONE, except for maybe a few of his shills. I think Chris is worse than Garza. Garza was too stupid to do the whole scam premeditated. Chris knows exactly what he is doing and the greedy people that keep feeding him the BTC is keeping his scam alive.


Just throwing this out there :smile:


LOL at you STILL thinking that there are paid shills. Incredible.


Maintenance for two hours


It would he appear he forgot to put “Six Months” in front of the “Two Hours”


LOL at you still support Chris. Incredible.


No, I support finding out the truth and getting paid, without being completely insufferable and unhelpful in the process. :slight_smile:


Ha ha ha! Thanks for the laugh. You are exactly what you say you are not.