SCAM - - No Payments since Dec 2014


Woh the site is alive again.

During Phase 1, certain transfers sent (or supposedly sent) will be repaid:
- transfers sent to pay mining hardware shipping during 2015 will be returned (too few users opted for)
- some transfers sent to pay mining fee for 2015.
Phase 1 will run for a very short period of time, for feedback acquisition, using Bitcoin address message signing as unique authorization method for re-identification.
If you do not find your transfer included in Phase 1, please verify transfer string (64 digits hex string), try again later (may not be included yet in Phase 1), or it may be postponed to Phase 2. If you are not in control of sending address but you are the transfer owner (eg. online wallet) please wait for Phase 2

I’m not that technically, but what can happen if you follow the instructions on his site? Hand over your wallet or?


Yep, if you do that, you’ll hand over your wallet to him. I wouldn’t consider that. TXIDs are invalid. So you have to provide the wallet signature to go further.
He should add username and pw request.


How would that hand over your wallet to him? He won’t have access to your wallet if you sign a message.


I mixed up private key and signature


I look forward to anyone getting to Phase 2 of this new ploy.
I get this vague feeling either this is a weird legal try to attempt to reconcile or the original operator sold the site to someone else.




Website changed again; now i get a Chinese login screen


Anybody knows what place Lavina’s mother was born?


Cristian Ilie Schipor
Date and place of birth: 11.10.1975, Alba luia

Lavinia Schipor
Date and place of birth: 13.09.1975, Faurei

Not sure what’s her maiden name is


Ty, I’ll give it a try tomorrow. Edit: although I need the place of birth for the mother, I’ll try these


Keep us posted. At least there are still some people out there, who haven’t given up. Unfortunately I don’t have Informations about her mother. If you need other informations, I will try to help


That didn’t work :frowning:


It is noticable that beside the dob of 13/09/1975 we can find another date, where the name and phone number actually do match with other business registrations. This dob is from 09/01/1985 which matches a whole other profile.


Lavinia Schipor is a pretty popular name in romania, but if the phone number also do matches, it has to be her.
I got the date of birth from an official firm report about bitcage tech srl.
Back in the days bitcage tech srl was located in sector 5, now they are located in Tunari, which is in the north of bucarest. Seems like some kind of warehouse/storage hall.
The old firm report about bitcage tech is published, but it would be interesting to see the new report. But you have to pay in order to get the whole report


So…was ltcgear a scam :)?




has anybody a data dump of litecointalk archive? any info is apricated.


The internet archive is a good way to start
This place is pretty much dead, but someone over at the GAW bitcointalk thread may be able to help


I gave up. I was guessing the password reset question on one of Lavinia’s accounts. Really looks like she is behind it imho. Found one of the early addresses but unless there’s some kind of script that I can feed all the cities that exists and tries to reset it, I guess I won’t succeed


And all your coins are gone!!!