[SCAM] The-mining.com


I am thinking scammy scam scam. The website looks rough. Like a 5 year old put it together. The domain name has a hyphen in it (classic naming scheme of scam websites). $5 signup bonus. Refferals. I’ll let you all judge.

I just got this in my inbox and I wanted to warn anyone who may come across it.

Welcome to The-mining.com - Bitcoin Cloud Mining
Purchase KHS in a matter of seconds, start mining right away and even be able to sell your KHS in any time.

  • Mining contracts are valid for 1 year.
  • No Hidden fees
  • Bitcoin Deposits added with 1 blockchain confirmation.
  • Bitcoin withdraws sent on automatic mode, generally withing 2-5 minutes.
  • $5.00 Signup Bonus
  • 2 Levels Referral comission (First level: 7% and second level: %2)

Here at The-mining we want our valued customers to have faith in our Company, to see our values are based on integrity and experience from many years of hard work World Wide on the internet.




IKR? How haggard does that site look? LOL


Well the FAQ page is unreadable black text on a very dark background. Really this reminds me of the geocities times. websites that popup with all those fancy html thingies like blinking and colors.


You got that email too? Funny…

Looking at the site it’s obvious that this isn’t for real. Stretched and blurry images on the site, the FAQ is basically black text on black background.

I lol’ed

@k317x this is definitely a site for your watchlist :wink:

Damn, we’re getting old :slight_smile:


I remember Geocities days. Man that has been a long time ago.

I wonder who it is. Yeah I wonder how they got our emails?

It makes a graphic/web guy’s stomach turn the amount of visual atrocities this page has lol


My guess would be Paybase. Remember when the site launched and people were just getting logged into the accounts of other people? I remember that someone on BCTalk exported a lot of info that day and posted it over there. I can see “others” having done the same thing but for different reasons.


Ugh… that makes me nervous


SERIOUS??? Was this built with Frontpage or something?


Looks like it was built with dull scissors and cutouts from magazines LOL


It actually takes great skill these days to create something that looks quite as cr*p as this.


Not really. If you refrain from using color and background color a website is simple to do. But like all the geocities style websites people can’t resist to add all those html goodies that make a page unreadable.


No way. Even frontpage isn’t that bad. Looks to me like the good old php-nuke or even mkportal lol.


Maybe it’s just me but I’d struggle to produce graphics which were so perfectly imperfect as the ones on that site - and I can’t draw to save myself…


update: saw this thread figured it LOOK at the site, its 504 go figure lol


aaand, gone…


Figured as much