Scrypt mining is still profitabel!


Don’t use my referral link :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::bangbang:

i wish you all happy hashing.


Half their servers appear to be down.


what do you mean buddy? it is still working for me ROI is 77 Days…


The DC3 list was pretty much all red the last time I looked too.


I loved this site when I first started but after I found out the main admin came up missing; I pulled my funds quick. They have a great concept but the support i do believe is gone


Now it looks better :smiley: however withrawal is working so no problems from my side :smiley:

Edit: i belive the admin is back :smiley:


Script mining is profitable?
you have to ask chris aka beekeeper :wink:


I invested 0.1 bitcoin in 10 months ago and have only earned 0.0022 bitcoin to date.
The estimated monthly and daily income amounts shown on the site do not correspond to actual earnings.


LOL read the forum rules!! No affiliate and referral spam, not even that :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW I was joking on HT, was bored. :slight_smile:


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