- Another Cloud Mining Ponzi?


Sure, if you like. Here are my earnings for today:


I won’t be investing any more until I hit break even, which will be just after Christmas.


How much GH/s you have buy for this earning?


at which time do you receive your earnings? You have received all earnings in same time (01:01) :grinning:


I receive my earnings when scryptsy make their payouts. Today they made the payout at that time. What do you mean?


01:01 is the time where all that earnings sends into your account…that’s amazing of withdrawal process of scyptsy


why? I’m assuming it’s an automated script, not someone manually processing every single withdrawal.


i am assuming that how fast blockchain works of scryptsy


The time is when the transaction is sent, not when it’s confirmed I think.


have you seen their mining farm pictures? did they mining real or virtual?


As the title of this topic says, they are probably a ponzi.


what ponzi means actually?



Also, I just checked the blockchain, and all of my payouts are within this one transaction:


HYIP…u can say?


yes, Ponzi/HYIP/Pyramid Scheme. I don’t know if they are really mining or not. I would guess at best they are fractional reserve mining, like many other cloud mining sites. I’ve seen no proof of mining though, and there are plenty of other red flags.


Ok, How many GH/s u have buy from this site?


I think around 7300.


aaaannnndddd… they’re gone


hmm has gone…
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