Sealand, Anarchist Story


I first read about them back in 2000’ when they propose to host server to avoid international laws.

Here a complete analysis about Sealand history.

Interesting tales with lots of chaotic / action movie style events.

More on Sealand

Official website


Craziest country on earth :smile:


They have a national football team… there can’t be enough room on that sea fort for a pitch??? And for 29.99 you can be come a lord or lady with official royalty papers. LOL Don’t show this to Josh… we’ll soon have GAWlandia on the market


Having Sealand Royal Paper is like holding XPY, value is near zero :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I love the story of Sealand, especially their run ins with the Royal Navy :slight_smile:


Roy called in favors and launched his own helicopter assault on Sealand with a team of five.183 Roy’s friend John Crewdson, “who had flown heli-copter stunts in James Bond films,”184 was the pilot.185 Attacking at dawn on August 15, 1978, they took Pütz’s party by surprise.

The story is just incredible. How a man can f***k everyone and still going on 30+ years laters :smile:


Piratebay used to use their IT services…


my dad collects coins etc and has a few of their dollars and stamps. Quite cool to be able to issue your own currency.


They raised some funds to buy the place but didn’t happen.

Buy a stamp and try to send a letter with it to Sealand :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: