Seals with Clubs: SwC is back!


Check out the new launch site! -
Unfortunately its for PC only right now… they are still working on other platforms.
There are also Freeroll tournaments to learn how to play OFC turbo!
It’s definitely more challenging than Texas Hold’em
I highly suggest you watching a vid before trying OFC.


Nice, you got a screenshot of the client by any chance? :slight_smile:


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Thank you! .)

I know that software, nice pick by Micon.


LMAO I clicked on the “X” to get out of the picture again. This time, it just made the picture larger. :smiley:


Oooh, they should make it so that your avatar can be changed to any card of the deck, that is not already taken of course. :smiley:


Seals with clubs is one of the two reasons I even got in to Crypto :slight_smile:
Happy to see it back up


Open Face Chinese poker is highly addicting :slight_smile:


OFC is more than 2 whole cards… my brain can only deal with 2 whole cards and max 5 community cards. You’d need 4 of me to play OFC lol.