Setting up a DarkCoin Node - Is it worth it?


Per the thread subject, is it worth while to setup a darkcoin master node?
Also would setting up a node on a cloud server (such as amazon E2C) be a viable option?

If it’s better to set it up at home, what sort of security concerns (or ISP provider concerns) would that cause with all the incoming connections?

I was interested in POS coins and since paycoin was a fail, based on my research darkcoin seems like the most viable.
Opinions are appreciated and sorry if this information has already be covered somewhere. :smile:


I would say set one up at home. I don’t trust any 3rd party with your crypto.
That being said a Darkcoin master node is interesting. It can generate income unlike most other coin nodes as well as support the network.


Darkcoin isn’t POS, its earns income from the transaction fees. Its also not cheap to setup.
Have a read here

I have tried to find another thread to direct to you, but I can’t find the same threads I have read in the past.
From what I have found, it takes 1000drk to qualify as a masternode as well as some custom commands or something, the wallet doesn’t just become a master node, you will also need to make sure your firewall and security is top notch, your not dealing with a small amount of money here.

Found a thread that might interest you. It tells you how to set it up to use an empty wallet on aws to transact but keep the coins on your local machine. Very interesting setup security wise.