Setup an light version of ghcloud, anyone interested?


Anyone interested to setup an light version from ghcloud?
I have no experience in doing this and when someone can do, then I will support.

here my thoughts:
user sign up, then only email and password is required
btc address is automatically created

Setup an light version of ghcloud/coinprism, anyone interested?

Why do we need another thread for this?


because other thread I have asked its possible to setup a light version
this thread is for people to help in setup
here we can discuss about the light version


That’s what I thought the other thread was about?

Either way, the light version is Coinprism so I’m not sure why folks would want to re-invent the wheel?


coinprism is an online wallet
ghcloud is better


Agreed, so why not use a blend of both?
You can import your keys so you have the same wallet both places.

I may be dense today, but I still don’t understand what either of the threads are about :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This thread is locked. We have another thread about a light wallet already open. We will not be making a light GHCloud wallet.