Simcity 5


I really should install this again … havent had a blast at it for ages :smiley:


I loved the original. Lol


Aren’t the servers still a pain? Just odd logging into a Sim City game ha ha


Yeah, EA ruined these games by requiring an “always on” internet connection.


Odd, on their Facebook page it says “SimCity offline is here”.

I used to love the very first version of SimCity and got hooked again on it about a year ago on Facebook. Their FB game isn’t that bad really. Never played the new version but heard that it was pretty sick graphic wise.


Yeah it looks great, but I think there was an issue with city sizes too, you can’t make huge ones like you used to. But hey if it’s offline now I’ll give it a shot :slight_smile: Watch they probably mean the original sim city ha ha