Simple Crypto Gaming [For sale!]


I am selling my site to someone who will give it the TLC it deserves.

I have no time right now and it needs to have someone who is experienced bring it up to casino quality to attract new punter.

Please PM me here or at bitcointalk for a bid price. I have no ask price.

You get:

active site
MoneyPot admin rights and control over wallet

The faucet has been acting weird. If you know PHP, you can fix it easy!


Not something I’d be up for taking on, but wondering, is there something simple and similar, for doge?

Mentioned on another thread, I’ve been looking for a simple gaming experience I can integrate with the site & the faucet i added.

Good luck with the sale, at any rate :slight_smile:


I’m not quite sure what you mean? Do you mean does it accept doge? I don’t think so…

Do you know PHP? I could sell you all known PHP docs on my webserver if that is what you are interested in?


Yeah, kind of. I’ve been looking for a simple way to integrate a doge betting game into the site so that faucet users on my page have something they can instantly do with it

At best I can fiddle with code, so a package with work to be done wouldn’t be much good for my needs. Ideally I’d like to find a simple solution like the moneybox faucet I added, so figured it’d be worth asking you since you’ve obviously spent time looking at and learning about creating game sites :slight_smile:


TBH, I am learning a new framework for a new site. This site I am selling now was an experiment…albeit a very expensive one.

MP is good. Not for me. I wanna go solo. So, selling the site is the best option I have right now.

If you know someone who has BTC who would like to fix up a new site that no one has invented yet, I’m all ears.

Good variance to your site mate!


Also, what is moneybox?


Apologies, I should have written “FaucetBox” -

Using this service I was up and running with ad banners from another service, coins in the faucet and it all working in under 6 hours. Not bad for a non coder and someone not completely familiar with how to do techy stuff lol

Good luck, hope you’ll keep us posted with progress etc? :slight_smile:


Fascinating! Thanks. Will check it out!


I have to ask where do the coins come from in your faucet. Are they yours or does their system provide that?


I loaded it up with a few, was about to buy more when the price trebled, but luckily @Dave_Wills was kind enough to make a donation…I’m hoping I can get enough hits before it’s empty that advertising might kick in and I can replenish from that but if not I’ll just adjust the rewards to something within the range that I can handle without worrying :slight_smile: