Small loan for some GHX


Howdy everyone,

I’ve been happy with my little 18 GHX, and have sought a small loan located here to help increase my GHX holding: My Loan on BitLendingClub

Once funded, I’ll be posting a WTB request on here.

Happy Hashing!


Thank you for the humor! Borrowing to buy GHX? That is one of the craziest things I’ve heard about in a long time! :sweat_smile:

I hope you don’t live to regret that. Borrowing to invest just doesn’t make sense.


Agreed atleast with crypto.
There are areas where borrowing for investment makes since (such as real estate), but crypto is WAY TO RISKY of a space! Though the investments can vanish tomorrow, the debit stays around…

That said, if you let me know your asset address @tw79 I will send you 2 GHX to round out your holdings :smile:


I wish you all the best and hope you get what you’re looking for and more. May all things positive flow into your life


It’s a small loan that I can easily repay in a few weeks. Just too anxious to wait! Love me some GHX.


I’ve loaned to many on BTCjam. I have been scammed so many times there it isn’t funny. Many of the defaulted loans were for mining. It is just a very risky thing to loan btc for. Mining isn’t a reliable source of income.


LOL Here’s the asset address:

Who am I to turn down some awesome GHX?

Thanks, @ThePeddler


Enjoy friend :+1:



When looking at the picture of the video I thought the woman on the left was James Brown… Oops!


I can see that



Funny! However would be super risky with borrowed coin! :smile:


Yeah sorry just had to LOL.

I agree that loans for any sort of mining are a tricky business. I took a small loan myself last year some time and I’m glad that mine was all paid back before GAW, LTCG, Hashie and co all decided to turn their bellies up.


Buddy, I feel your loss, but can you please not spam the forum with requests about At the very least, please keep it to the thread and not anywhere on the forum that is mentioned.


I agree. @bloedhond please keep it to the discussion. This thread is a marketplace posting for GHX and BitLendingClub and unrelated to