So if you had say 100BTC to invest


So if you had say 100 BTC or so to invest into “some form of mining/crypto” currently, what would you do?

Most of the clouds have gone belly up in the last few weeks.

Some still look good - Hashnest / UMISOO offerings —> they will probably still ROI, and there is a fairly ok “out” in their market

Some look like a gamble - actual s5 miners, getting them hosted, or the spondoolies alternative.

However, I’ve come to regret previous sentiments that “bag holding” is a good idea. From what I can tell Crypto is pretty much in a constant devaluating spiral as usage increases. This is also logical from how I understand crypto per se. The more coins get used, the less their inherent “value” per coin is, since we are still not able to purely survive in crypto, and at some point it has to trade to FIAT. As long as that needs to happen fairly instantaneously due to fluctuations, there will be a progressive downward spiral in pricing, as adoption increases.

Well thats my view



Difficult times call for difficult measures.

I think the last weeks have shown how volatile the entire cryptoworld is and even if you diversify and follow all the “investment 101’s” that are thrown around you can still find yourself in a difficult spot from literally one day to another.

Hashie went down MDMA style which was hilarious and sad to watch at the same time. LTCGear allegedly had the database compromised several times and scrambled, GAWMiners moved from mining to staking and all of a sudden you look at a couple of your portfolios and realize that all of them have gone (or about) to go to sh…

I think the way to go right now is bulk renting and self-managing the hashing power to ensure it’s profitable but without killing the eco-system. (I mentioned that in another thread.)

The S5’s in bulk seem reasonable as well if you can get the rack space on an affordable enough price to justify hosting something like the 54 unit bulk from Bitmain.

An hybrid approach would be an alternative as well which means a mix of hardware and rented power which should also allow to balance cost vs return within an acceptable timeline.

I believe the difficulty increase must be considered as well, projected and taken into the calculation for at least 3-6 months to come. What if a company like BitcoinBrothers does in fact come through and they take their 6 PH super-computers online? Your hardware will go instantly obsolete for months to come, if not forever.

Right now the only way to mine (cloud or hardware) profitable and with low risk is imho really renting bulk power on terms of no more than 3-6 months. Clear cut price for the entire period of the rent and from there use that hashing power to mine / merge-mine Bitcoin and other SHA256 coins.

I’m confident that you can mine profitable (even if not insanely profitable) on SHA256. It depends on the coins you mine and the percentage of the overall hashrate your pool contributes to the coins you mine. For BTC there is no point having a pool with less than 2 PH. However, there is other coins across which you can spread the power and scale it across the net hashrate of the coins to receive a calculated number of blocks and daily return

So basically a SHA256 Multipool but I wouldn’t opt for auto-switching and auto-exchange for a number of reasons. The most profitable coin to mine at that precise moment in time doesn’t mean that your overall hashrate will generate enough blocks in fast enough and auto-exchange ti guarantee that payout. in addition if a number of Multipools mines the same coins and they are also auto-exchanging (which they do) then it can damage the coin or the market more than it can take and before you know it that “such profitable coin” to mine is gone. What we mine next once a coin is mined out?

So yeah, hybrid-mining (hardware and rented bulk) on short- to mid-term plans on a balanced merge-mining SHA256 multipool is the way to go imho.


@cyberdexter can you recommend a good sha pool other than here? One that supports crypto in general.


Personally, I mine at slushpool, because they have a promotion where you get 33% off a Trezor device if you mine with them for at least 3 days.

After I did that and got the Trezor (which is a nice device, but still a bit too beta for everyday use, more for long term “cold” storage), I stayed with them and have not regretted it. They pay better than antpool for example and provide lots of useful statisitics on their dashboard.


Any advantage mining on the beta opposed to the old Addy?

Personally, I think scrypt is dead. Sha seems to be the only way to go. I’d get enough s5’s to max out my mining den and just have at it.


depends on the coin you want to mine. For BTC I would use GHash or BTC Guild. If I want to mine a specific coin such as peercoin I would mine it on the coins main pool since their hashrate usually pretty much guarantees an adequate share

Give us a few days to get some things rolling. @wpstudio just got back from his trip and we’ve spend a good amount of time setting up our little server cluster testing the stratum servers and so on. Hopefully we’ll be able to config all the SHA256 daemons on the new stratum in the next days and move forward from there.


@Toddimus, I don’t think so, but the interface looks much nicer.

EDIT: I re-read and noticed I misunderstood you. I thought the question was about the beta of slushpool.