So what are you doing to help bitcoin


I figured that I’d lift this topic from the thread I created on HT because it’s one worthy of discussion, hope noone here minds? :smile:

So I figured I’d pose this question to the community, because the time and situation is right for me to get some things moving around my way.

I’ve got new business cards being printed, a new website being made (I’m not that quick and have forgotten a lot of xhtml and css so it’ll take a week or two) and I’ve gone and found somewhere I can hold local workshops.

Obviously I’ll be pushing for merchant adoption, because there has to be somewhere to spend the coins, right? My city is woefully lacking in physical stores where I can spend bitcoin, so this is a no brainer.

Merchant adoption isn’t enough though, especially if they are just selling them straight out for fiat. So, I’ve begun compiling lists of local wholesalers who provide the goods or some of the local merchants.

I’m trying to convince them to accept crypto from the merchants, sell it out themselves and let the merchant pass it straight upstream to them. This helps merchants because there are still fees attached to withdrawing fiat. If all those payments can be compressed into larger ones from the wholesalers then it’ll save everyone time and money.

That’s still only part of the story, but there’s only so much that can be done at once.

So, once a load of local stores accept it, what then? Who, locally, is going to use it, beyond a few geeks like myself? Well, there’s where I hit upon a nice idea.

I’m talking to several local artists. I’m working to convince them to accept crypto in return for their art, whether it’s music, writing, or paintings/drawings. When they get a sale by hawking their wares over social media they’ll be able to go straight out and spend what they’ve made at their choice of merchant, bringing wealth into my home city.

It’s a daunting task, and still only a small part of the puzzle. But it’s a start.

So what are you lot doing?


As an update to when I started this thread 8 days ago, it was also pointed out to me that as well as bringing new money in by getting local artists to sell their goods for bitcoin, and getting merchants and wholesalers on baord to begin building the entire ecosystem, a good place to go would be the local hotels and B&Bs.

I’m guessing there area few fellow Brits that have come over here from that other place. Would you travel to the south coast for a weekend break, if you knew everything you needed or wanted to get, or do, could be done with bitcoin?