[SOLD] 107 shares of GHX hash coin at $4.50 to Gava


I’ll immediately send all 107 of my GHX shares to the first person who wants to buy them for 1.7 BTC, about $4.50 each at a current XBT value of $285. First come, first served!

My XBT address for this sale is:


Put some sat dust in & PM with your CP Asset Address & the dust number to personally identify you as the buyer.

If you would prefer to use escrow, that’s fine & you can pay the fees. I trust @cyberdexter & am open to other suggestions if @cyberdexter isn’t available.


It appears that a sale to @Gava is in progress, thanks guy!


Excellent transaction @Gava sent the 1.7 BTC & I transmitted the 107 GHX coin to him.

A good deal for both of us & thanks again @Gava