[SOLD] 2TH Bitcoin Cloud Service account


I want to sell my 2TH Bitcoin cloud Service account all contracts are 5 year ones, At the moment payouts per day are 0.021346 BTC per day in total.

I am looking for 2.2 BTC but will consider fair offers, at this price this is a discount of 0.8BTC on the current price of 0.0015 BTC per GH.

Escrow obviously is a must and we will ask @taylan if he can do it. Once agreed upon I would need a valid BTC address so I could email them with the changes which take 24 to 48 hours, then the escrow could log in and change the email and password for the account.


Man, that’s too bad, because I would be extremely interested. I have 1.7btc now. Would you consider that as a first payment, and I would be giving the rest in the next weeks. No escrow needed, I trust you, and I am to be trusted too, as sburn and cyberdexter can attest.


We could do this, @cyberdexter can you vouch for this gent, I am sure that @tankjnr will vouch for me so I would be happy to do this


I don’t vouch for people but I like you guys and done business with both of you without any problems so let’s say I doubt either one of you would screw the other over such an amount :slight_smile:


I love 6packs on a Friday evening.

I highly doubt Mark will rip anyone off. I will punch him for you if he does.


@Sixpack32a I sent you a PM


Is this still for sale?


For transparency sake @Sixpack32a has sent me 1.72BTC as agreed, I have sent an email to the admin at bitcoin cloud services and have sent Sixpack32a a copy requesting a BTC address change, once this is done I will change the email and password to a generic one and Sixpack32a will then be able to log in and put in a new secure password, this should all be completed within 48 hours. Sixpack32a will pay me the balance owing as agreed within 30 Days.


bubbamark is indeed an other honorable member of GetHashing. Looking forward to complete this deal :slight_smile: .


All went smoothly, so thanks to @bubbamark, and also @cyberdexter and @tankjnr for backing me up, showing that in crypto, there are still peoples that know the meaning of honor. We never had to use escrow!


It just goes to show that if you use common sense it will work out fine


Good stuff guys. Also shows that the GH members are man and girls of their word. I think very few deals have used an escrow so far which is great. :+1:


All payments made, @Sixpack32a kept to his word and has paid the balance owing it is great to see some people keep their word
A pleasure to do business with