[SOLD] 8.8 GH Coins today


This offer expires at midnight tonight, 2/27 UTC time.

I’m testing market liquidity with this tiny sale & building trust / reputation here. I completed a larger transaction with @rootdude earlier this year for a web site, if he’s around he can verify that I made sure he got his domain as quickly as possible.

If you would like to purchase please send 0.19 BTC plus some satoshi dust to ID yourself as the buyer to:


PM me here immediately after sending, with your transaction ID & your satoshi dust amount & your Coinprism asset address.

First one to send gets the coins & I will refund very promptly if more than one buyer sends. I’ll mark this post SOLD right away to hopefully prevent that.

I will be checking back today every hour or two (at minimum) to complete the transaction.

This offer expires at midnight tonight, 2/27 UTC time.

If nobody buys by that time, I’ll mark the offer Expired.



For those wondering, that’s about $5.50 a coin.


Sent btc. Buggered up tx fee so there are two txids :wink:


Thanks very much :slight_smile:
Coins incoming …


Thank you, Bitcoin received!

GHX Asset transfer just initiated & you can already see the transfer, excellent.

GetHashing RULES, Paldies!