Sold antminers are gone


Used antminer S1 with unknown power supply

Used antminer C1 with cooling kit and corsair RM1000 power supply

accepting best/reasonable offers


Explosive stuff. What do you use to contain this AntiMatter?


Due to a risk of antimatter falling into the wrong hands and starting WW3, or dangerous members of the crypto community wishing to gain super powers I will no longer be able to sell AntiMatter. The risk of going down in the history books as the agent of doom that allowed the world to collapse is to great. I will be keeping all of the antimatter I have for my own use.

I am able to sell 2 used Antminers.


LOL. You guys are siwwy


Very powerful superconducting ring electromagnets, if use lose power…you die, along with anyone else (relatively) nearby.


You mean them Crypto Extremists right? I agree, they keep destroying everything :slight_smile:


Some would say Crypto Freedom Fighters. Others maniacal right wing patriots, or leftist statist zealots, zionistic flat earthers, old earthers, young earthers, birthers, jihadists, crusaders, boy scouts, peta, PTA board members, hacktivists, preppers, deniers, minions, fan boys, cosplayers, dice rollers, gun-toting, card carrying, Illinois Nazis, the foot clan, Zed, resistances members, underground cartoonists, lampoonists, neanderthals, 1%ers, 2%ers, or fractional%ers.

Regardless. I just want to sell the two miners that I have.


this! :slight_smile:


1 BTC for the C1, depending on the location (shipping cost)…?


Looks like they will be up on ebay tomorrow. I’ll post links to the auction if that isnt against the TOS.


Is your C1 still available and do you ship to Canada ?
I want to salvage the water block and radiator.


Sorry for the delay, but they are gone.