[SOLD] Bitcoin Cloud Services Account 10 Ths


Actual worth 15.3 btc if you purchase direktly from bitcoin cloud services site.
Email adress can be easyly changed via site.
Payout adress can be changed via support.
I invite @cyberdexter to do escrow :smiley:

Also i won’t sell it under 10 btc.
Make me an offer per pm if you are interested.


I’ll do the escrow for you now worries.


Thank you :smiley:


What’s the lifetime on the account.


Hi it is an 5 years contract.


I’m absolutely interested, I am checking with BTC cloud services to see if they have any issues with account transfer.


Ok, shouldn’t be an problem as email and payout adress is change abel…


I just want to see what they say. If it is a violation of their TOS or they just don’t want to allow it then it would be an issue. You understand I hate to buy it make the change and have them shut down the account. So we can get this done if they don’t have an issue. 10 BTC is fair I have 10 BTC, so it should be a go. I have 25 Ths running now and the only reason I haven’t bought more is that the new 1 year contract is just too short. When did this account become active?



At that time btc value was much higher, what about 10,5 btc? So i can pay the escrow :smiley:
Edit: 2 days ago they had an delay in payout, today they payed as usually.


Ahhh ok so you write them an mail if it is ok buy an account, right?


I can go 10.5. Why are you selling?

And, yes I did email them to see if buying an account violated any of their terms. If I did violate they could just shut the account down. So I try and stay within the rules of a cloud service provider. I suspect their is no issue, but I want to be sure.


Ok perfect, tell me when you are ready so we can go on escrow. I belive btc services will answear tommorw, so will wait for you’re go.

I burnt a lot of money with ltc gearto be honest, because i was greedy.

My new owen personal charta is 1 delay and i am out. So i am strictly following to my charta.
Btc cloud services was always on time, until 2 days ago, no announcment for the delay…i mailed them and they responded 3 h later payout is on the way… That is why i quit there…

If you take the acc from tomorrow, i will forward payouts to you until btc adress is changed to you’res, when btc’s are in escrow…


I haven’t had a delay or problem.

Anyhow, they said no problem with TOS. I’m a little busy now.

I’ll contact you tomorrow and we will do this.


Ok ken deal :slight_smile:


Sounds like you guys are coming to an agreement.

Shoot me a PM with all three of us included for tomorrow. I’ll be around for the escrow.


OK, how do I send a private message on this site.


Klick profile, messages, down it is new private message…:smiley::+1:


Please send me you’re btc adress so i can mail bitcoincloudservices to change payout adress, when it is confirmed by btc services i will pass my account to cyberdexter…


Here is how I propose we do this.

BTC Cloud Purchase Process

  1. Ken deposits 10.5 BTC to escrow with Cyberdexter
  2. Reini changes payout address of account to:
  3. After first payout to new address Reini gives Ken UID and PW.
  4. Ken changes PW to take control of account
  5. Ken tells Cyberdexter to release funds once he has control of account
  6. Reini and Cyberdexter settle up.

If you propose any changes let me know.

Reini send me the account to deposit into.


I sent the process info public. We of course will transfer the UID and PW via PM. I don’t consider the BTC address to be private since anyone who wants to deposit money into my address is free to deposit anytime.