(SOLD) LTCgear acc 222.696 shares +6.273 shares


EDIT: Both accounts sold, MOD please close the thread, thans

Hi, offering 2 accounts:
EDIT 10.11.2015. small account SOLD
EDIT2: big account going to escrow now, waiting for payment. I will leave this open, till i receive or not receive the funds.

Owed about 1500+ BTC, + about 6.000 USD in referrals, heh…

All share transfers were done from / to my other accounts. Everything legit, still have the receipts for purchase.
mostly bought “custom” packs for better price a redistributed it through my 3 accounts.
Last account I will keep (paid fee)
Auction also in play here:

So far highest offer 15BTC now, or 25BTC in 3 payments.