[SOLD ON EBAY $455] BITMAIN Antminer S5


EDIT 3/29 No deal made here, the sale has moved to eBay, thanks everyone who inquired!

EDIT 3/28 Reviewed eBay closed sales for past few days & adjusted price. $420 US + shipping / XBT Preferred. In hand & ready to ship.

Yes the time has come to turn off my S5 and kiss it goodbye. It kept me warm all winter & now winter is over, the windows are open & temps are already hitting 80F (27C) here. This Antminer has never been overclocked & was underclocked during the burn-in month. Includes additional extra quiet front-mounted fan.

Current eBay “closed sales this week” price is $420 + shipping, this deal is the best closed eBay price for in-hand miners. Prefer payment in BTC at current exchange rate. Shipping to US only. Sorry, but the cost of shipping & customs elsewhere is prohibitive, I can’t ship to other countries; Alaska & Hawaii shipping prices significantly higher. Will ship in original box w/ all the excellent packing bubble protection.

Will also accept 1/2 BTC + 1/2 GHX, sorry but I can’t do this deal for 100% GHX.

Also available, Seasonic 1000W Gold power supply w/ all cables & jumped main for $130 + shipping, XBT preferred. Jumper was set with bell-wire, not a paperclip, it’s a very clean power supply which was purchased just for the S5.

Escrow available if requested, I know @cyberdexter is very experienced & trustworthy. Buyer to pay escrow fee, please verify amount with @cyberdexter.

However, I have bought and sold repeatedly here & have a 12+ year history of happy buyers on eBay. I can assure you your package(s) will go out fully insured within 2 business days of receiving payment. If you prefer escrow, 0.3 BTC will transfer at the start of the deal to cover shipping & insurance costs. Balance to be paid when tracking numbers show delivery was made. Because of the nature of the crypto-mining business, the sale is final w/ no returns.


Current Antiminer S5 Status display, ambient temp 80F / 27C:


Nice! :wink:


Thank you! If I didn’t live in the desert I’d keep it running all summer, but we’ll be hitting 100F (38C) in May. I’ll be picking up another miner next September for sure, because the heat cogeneration effectively gives me free power for the winter.


I’m interested in your Seasonic P/S, can you ship it to Canada ?


I’m sorry but I’ve had major problems / delays with shipping to Canada in the past and don’t want to deal with international shipping issues. Also, I can only sell the Seasonic with the S5, or after the the S5 is sold if the buyer doesn’t need it.

Thanks for asking!


No prob :wink: Was fishing for a good bargain :fishing_pole_and_fish:


Just holla if you need escrow. :wink: