Sold out @$5 each


all GHX sold.
Thanks much to those that purchased :smile:

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Shouldn’t that be somewhere between $4-5/GHX?


I am testing the market.
It would have made more sense checking if the GHstore was out of stock first though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That said I’m flexible on the price but won’t sell for less than $5 per.


They’re out of stock now :wink:


In that case, the price just went up!


Which doesn’t mean we won’t restock. GetHashing owns a fair amount of GHX. :wink:


So do I :+1:
That said with the perpetual chance the store will be restocked looks like $5 per share is here to stay.

@keymaster is like “the invisible hand” with GH economics…

That said I’m open to negotiation if anyone is interested :smile:

-edit 2-
Also updated the OP


It’s all about providing a solid floor :slight_smile:

That said, GHX in stock! Sorry… :wink:


It’s a trap!
Like hotel California…you can buy in but you can never sell out :astonished:

Whenever GH finally runs out of stock I will be around for those still with a GHX craving :+1:


PM sent


I can make an offer come June! :sweat:


Good news is I’ll still be here :smile:
That said, the full amount is still available for sale.
Once the GH store sells out (73 left to go!), I’m hoping some folks start biting.


Out of Stock…


Price just went up again :wink:

In all seriousness though, price was updated previously to “negotiable” so it should be interesting to see what folks come up with.


So what’s the price? :grin:


Updated the OP with increased amount of GHX and price settled on via slack.

I’m still flexible though so if interest let me know :smile:


One last update to the price, since it looks the $5 ceiling holds strong.

Also 80 GHX sold so the stock has been reduced. Thanks @NormB :+1:


I say, good sir, I am interested in purchasing some of these “GHX” as you call them. Please do contact me about how to pursue a collaborative agreement between the two of us for mutual benefit!


Me too :smile:
Just waiting on blockchain (as usual).


Just had a nice gentlemanly exchange with @ThePeddler
Smooth and simple