[Sold Out] GHCoin - GHX Batch 2!


Hey All, it has been a wonderful 2 months starting out! We’ve been excited to share it with you all, We have a number of things to touch on tonight.

GHwebsite Launched

The website is now live, http://www.gethashing.com. This means Batch 2 is now for sale. Since there is already a GHX created, we will be selling from the site, make sure to have your asset addresses ready at check out, you will need this.

GHfarm Batch 2

Batch 2 will consist of 217 S5 units just as Batch 1, this will bring another 250TH to the mining farm. Our goal is to distribute the power a bit more effectively in the next couple of days in order to begin moving away from chasing pools hitting blocks, but instead be a part of multiple pools at a time in order to already be there!

Batch 1 Owners

So what does this mean for those who had Batch 1 coins? First, you all should have received your GHP Coins, this was our way of thanking you for your belief in us and sticking through for all of the starting hiccups.

Second, Batch 1 holders will receive an extra bonus, We have rented more hashing power ourselves in order to mine into the mining wallets, this creates a 20% increase in power “hashboost” to celebrate the launch. We began the boost 7hours ago at 00:00 UTC, and you can check it out on the GHCloud, https://cloud.gethashing.com. The promotion will last for 24 hours!

Again, thank you all for the continued support!

Your GH Team

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[SCAM] GAWMiners, Paybase, ZenCloud
[SCAM] GAWMiners, Paybase, ZenCloud


edit First !! :smile:


Nice! Thank You. Heading to the site now to check it out.


What’s up with the different priced batches of lot #2 ? Is there some reason I would want to pay $5.25 each instead of just $5.00?


you could gamble that they are not all sold out and that btc price will go up in a few days I suppose so its incentive to buy now at current prices?


It’s very easy. lot #1 and lot #2 are for the early birds, lot #3 is for those running late. Bear in mind that pricing contains a cushion to prevent GH being hit by the BTC price swings. Should the BTC rate adjust once lot #1 and lot #2 have sold out we’ll be adjusting the price.

Apart from that, there is no difference at all. same batch, same hardware. I let @nemesio explain in detail though since I’ve been up all night to get the site and everything else up and it’s almost 8 AM.


This is some very nice work guys, it’s really coming together and I’m enjoying every bit of it… keep it up!


Thank you @DazME!

Btw I’ve sent you a PM not to long ago. :wink:


I forgot what my coupon code was. Just go ahead and PM it to me. :smile:


ok order submitted waiting on the blockchain. when does this asset going active? like when do the payments start?

lol probable should have asked that before sending a bunch of btc :smile:

oh ya HASHBOOST Fing awesome - 20 percent MOAR Hamsters :smile:


Will be distributing out GHX as soon as hardware goes live in the next beginning of next week. (it is stated in the item description on the store front… :wink: )

Much excited!


sweet i was too excited to read much lol.


Nice to hear batch 2 is out. Good work.
Is this also presale like batch 1?


Roughly translated.
B1 owners receive a bigger payout in dividend by 20%?


B2 lot 1 is down 1,481 coins :slight_smile:

everything went through smoothly although the transaction confirmations took a while on the payment side


I picked up 40 and just gave up on the purchase confirmation screen after about an hour. There were plenty of confirms showing in my BTC wallet.


How I feel about that. I’m Reilly. You can be George.


I just got 30, waiting on confirmations now :smile:
Wish it was more but tomorrow’s another day …


It’s stated in the product description on the website :slight_smile:

[quote]GHX Batch 2 Specifications

  • Deployment Scheduled: April 20-25 2015
  • Total GHX to be issued: 25,000 shares (250 TH/s).
  • Maintenance fee: $0.0014 per GH/s per day.
  • Dividends are paid daily in accordance with the GH payout schedule.[/quote]

For more information please review the GetHashing terms of service.


We’ll see. The farm is hashing with 300 H/s since last night 00:00 UTC on NiceHash, Antpool, f2pool and Slush. We’ll see how much will be mined in today’s and into tomorrows shifts. :slight_smile:

Coinpayments is a temporary solution. The direct payment gateway to cold storage didn’t work upon launch… surprise :slight_smile:

Should become available some time today.

What you mean Didn’t come through? I’ll look up your order.


Are batch 2 coins going to be treated exactly the same as batch 1 ? What I mean is, is there any reason to keep them separate ? I have created a new asset ID at coinprism for batch 2, but ghcloud only allows me to import one external asset address. Is there any way to get both asset IDs showing in the cloud or should I just move my assets into a cloud wallet ?

Cheers :smile: