[Sold] Scrypt Miner


I run it at 335Mhz for 15MH/s ± 10%
Rock solid scrypt miner, he just keep running and running.

Asking 85$ + shipping from Canada.


Is this still available?


Yes it is


hi, do you still have this? :slight_smile: i am looking to get into Scrypt. i am already in Canada so we could close this deal quick i think :slight_smile:


Still available, I can ship it to you next monday if you buy it… PM me for details.


@StevenCwMining made me a offer and I accept it.

I’m going offline until tomorrow. Camping tonight with my gf :heart:

Shipping is schedule on monday after payment clear.



Bacon, potatoes, coffee and bread, breakfast of champions :smile:

Still open for better offer as @StevenCwMining need some time to get his BTC funds.


How loud is this? Like antminer or louder. The gaw furys always seemed loud to me.



Not that bad. I said it’s a bit louder than a S3 but not much.
It didn’t have the high pitch sound, only loud air moving from fan.

You can put it in a room, close the door :door: and live with it.


looks like fun!!!’


I love wood fire, I can stay in front for hours with couple of beers :smile:


Sold on Ebay. Widow gone !