[SOLD] Up to 500 GHcoins


Hi all!

I’m looking to sell up to 500 GHcoins from my own coins. I went pretty deep in B1 to make things happening and now that the farm is online it’s time for me to pull some of those funds back out to honor a private loan I’ve been given. Price is $4.20 just like the ICO price and I’ll be happy to use an Escrow (if needed). If we don’t use an escrow then you’ll be sending first :wink:

Shoot me a PM with the number of coins you’d like to buy.


You did this because you KNEW I’d want more!


How would transferring shares work?
Are the payouts tied to the wallet originally used to buy the shares?

I would be interest with 5 more BTC when I get home later today depending on how all that works (and if they are still available!)


The payouts are tied to the coins not the wallet so it just moves from a to b and the payouts follow to the new home.
Just make sure its a compatible wallet. @daffy knows all about moving them around etc


precisely. I didn’t want you to go on detox :syringe: :stuck_out_tongue:

no, payouts go to coin owners. This means the moment a coin/share is transferred the new owner becomes eligible to receive the dividends. That’s why we went with smart assets. You can transfer coins/shares to anyone on and off the platform it doesn’t matter. The person holding the coins when payouts are processed is the one receiving the payouts.


So if I have the shares in a wallet on Coinprism, payouts would go to the associated BTC wallet?

Thanks for the info, as the exact mechanics are still a bit confusing :smile:




Hi @cyberdexter I would definitely be interested if there was an idea of what a dividend/coin would payout in BTC or when can we expect first payment for our coins so i have an idea of BTC for my coins own? Thanks.


Wanna trade some GHcoins with me ? :wink:

Nice fit for the 100K$ S5 farm :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


First run is expected between 16:00 - 19:00 UTC today. The rigs been settling in and the rental rigs needed some serious tweaking and we shifted some of that power over to f2pool earlier on. Bear in mind that the farm came online less than 12 hours ago so there is still a lot of work going on behind the scenes as we speak. Afaik there will be a topic posted later on / prior to payouts to clarify the process with a money flowchart so that everyone can understand how the daily process will work and where the funds are coming from etc.


Thanks for the info, look forward to seeing the details. :slight_smile:


Would be interested in buying. Ryan informed me that you had some shares to sell. Can you pm me, not sure how in this forum! Would be buying around 1.5 btc worth of shares. Thanks.


@Sixpack32a did you get my PM?

Edit: aaand gone.


Pfffffft. I would going to let you stew for a few days, then see if you’d take XPY for some of them…


XPY… you’re funny… :laughing:


Thanks for the transaction!
Sorry to shatter your reality, but you technically accepted XPY for your shares.
Where do you think that BTC came from :+1:


Technically I didn’t, you changed them for me to BTC :wink:


@cyberdexter no more coins?


I still have coins but I can’t sell all my coins, I just got them two days ago and they haven’t even received a single payout yet. :slight_smile:


I hear ya :wink: @ThePeddler got them before my BTC transferred. Wow, is the chain slow tonight.