[SOLD] WTS 25 GHX @$5 Each


Title is pretty self explanatory, but yea, looking to sell off my GHX for $5 each. Prefer to do it all in one go since it is not a larger amount. I base USD price off of http://preev.com/ at time of sale.

For the purchase we have two options, you can send btc first and after 3 confirms I send 25.5 GHX (0.5 was going to be for escrow person as a TY) Or we can use one of our awesome trusted escrow people like animoesto, cyberdexter daffy, or taylan and I will give them a 0.5 ghx bonus plus any other charge.

Feel free to post or PM, should be available for the next few hours :smiley:

Update: Sold to Cyberdexter, smooth and easy trade as expected :+1:


I’ll buy the lot. Will send you a PM now.