Soooo who's mining them LTC?


Just checked out the GHpool, who’s mining them LTC?

Point your scrypt rigs! :slight_smile:


I had my orbs pointed at it. Looks like I now have company. Welcome to the pool friends; whomever you may be! :smiley:


I’ll set it as a backup pool for the gridseed orbs used for the GIVER payouts when I get around to updating them this weekend :smile:


Mine it now while the power is there :slight_smile:


Too late, out of the house now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I’ll check it out if it’s still like that when I get back!


how much MH is needed to start getting blocks?


Lots and lots…


So basically I’m just spinnin my wheels with my orbs then …


depends on the power pointed :slight_smile:


Rootdude is the big guy at the hashfaster pool, which currently shows as having 1,574.955 MH/s pointed there. They seem to find about a block per day, but it’s been a while since their last block:52 hours 23 minutes 48 seconds


I’ve been mining there off and on lately while I’m getting my rigs up to speed. I just received a few more and had a controller and PSU burnout so I’m mining at ProHashing with what I have running ATM. I’ll likely be back to mining LTC again shortly. FWIW, I should have enough hash to get a block a day solo, so I may just mine that way moving forward. Haven’t really decided yet.


Hmm if you start solo mining for LTC do it on the GHpool so the rest of us can point their baby rigs and mine some LTC too :wink: