Sourceforge getting into the Ads in installation


OMFG… It is anywhere safe now to download anything without having to read every single line and not thrust any checkmark in any installer available online…

I am use to get some on shareware sites or other and got use to check any installation to prevent crapware or toolbar from getting on my pc… But never had to worry with sourceforge… This morning i tried to download Filezilla to work on my websites a bit… and boom. a freaking installer… I read every f%$/$ng bit of it and uncheck mark and ignore avery crapware from it and at the end, I had to remove Optomizer Pro from my PC… Holy f$%k…

Is Sumatra PDF the last frontier in clean installer…

Thank you for reading my rant… loll


In Filezilla, really?

Honestly that sucks. I use it myself and it has been my favorite FTP client for many years now.



Well Not the final Filezilla installer… But now Sourceforge has its own “Download Manager” and that is where the crap is…


oh yeah download manager. got that too and it tries to do the same stuff. I thought Sourceorge still had an option to download the distributable directly without using the manager. Did they remove that?


If they have, I didnt noticed it… I will have to be more carefull I guess…


Github still works pretty well for downloading software without having to guess which link is the correct one. :slight_smile:


Hmm since when? I think I downloaded something from sourceforge a few days ago. Just a plain download.


Well I guess it could be for some project… You see the “Installer Enable” and Direct Download Link… Since sourceforge is usualy a safe place to get software, I didnt pay attention to the download link…

Here a screenshot for Filezilla


I’m running linux so I don’t get the installer enabled stuff. What about the Direct Download link?

I know they have some kind of special downloader but I usually avoid it by using the direct download link. I hate those special downloaders they don’t help anything with my speedy anyway.


The direct download work fine… As I said, I was so use to get software from SF, i didnt pay attention to the installer… Fool Me once, and that`s it!! loll


So yeah pretty much the same as and co. The big green flashy button pulls the installer with a little direct download link below. I think this has become very common and 100 search navbars in someones browser and bling as standard page for a new tab are usually a strong indicator that one of those pesky little downloaders was used. My Ex had them all the time :slight_smile: