Spock has left us. He's returning to the Vulkans


Don’t forget while in the pursuit of money to live long and prosper.
Go outside once and while live.

The Great Off-Topic Brabbel Collection Thread Featuring Tankjnr

Now this is sad he was one of my favorite characters.


He deserves his own thread! RIP!


It’s illogical that he has past.


Actually I think that was for the Russian guy.

Still sad news indeed.
I will think of him every time I play CIV4.
Loved his explanation every time a new tech is researched :smile:


Third star to the left and on till morning.


:frowning: Nooooo


I hope he’s buried in the likes of one of these:

Or better yet, Richard Branson should fund a BTC Drone - and launch Spock into space where he can roam eternal.


Beam him up, Scotty


Jim im a doctor not a miracle worker - Scotti bean him up - Live long and prosper my friend.


He was such a good person who did so much for so many people beyond Star Trek.
Greatly missed. I actually shed some tears when I found out.

He made it ok to be smart and different.

I wish his essence peace.