Spondoolies SP50 beast


Holy cow:



0.14W/GHs is not bad the S7 does 0.25W/GHs


I can’t imagine it’s easy to import this thing because of its price whatever that is.


Well on the site it says for bulk customers only. So buying one unit will not be enough probably need to buy 10 and import should not be a problem.


Off to buy a lottery ticket! Then build my own private DC with 25PH that I could turn on/off to mess with people lol.


Holy crap ! 10x 1600W Power Supply needed … good bye home mining :frowning:


Nah, in theory you can get 2 of these in every 240v/200amp home.

Of course you’ll need to be creative with power source/electrical, either at the panel or running numerous long extension chords from outlets on various circuits.

I’m curious as to the cost of these units as well as what is considered bulk.


I’m going to say somewhere between $30-40k


Bonus points if the circuit happens to be in neighbor’s house.


More that 2 units for sure :smile:
I have half a mind to buy a bunch and sell them off one at a time for a premium.
Then again, I can think of a handful of other better uses of that sort of money :money_with_wings:


This looks like a merger of BTCS and Spondoolies.

“BTCS, which secures the blockchain through its transaction verification services business, has recently signed a definitive merger agreement with Spondoolies. The launch of the innovative SP50 is the first of BTCS’ and Spondoolies’ technological collaboration.” Taken from the full article below.



They are beasts for sure.
I have an interview on the way with BTCS CEO about it coming up soon.
They really went for density and data center deployment.
It will be interesting as we learn more about it. They have been aggressively building out their own data centers. I also wonder if this is what is allowing Genesis Mining to cut costs again.


The SP50 is really a beauty in term of hardware. Really impressive.
Now if only all the M$ investments could raise BTC to higher spirits :frowning:


Yeah, seems like in the past couple years the only thing the M$ investments have raised is the hashrate and difficulty!..
I hope we aren’t on the verge of a repeat 2014 year in bitcoin, at least we can anticipate a price increase from the halving.


I agree with both of you. I hope we are going to see a steady rise in value of BTC both before and especially after the halving.
Things are going to get interesting fast.


As each batch of machines has become more cost effective to run per GHS the value per ghs has gone done as people chase that profit…I wouldn’t expect anything much to change with the new deployment of hardware except the diff ratcheting up and the market value staying pretty much exactly the same.


I’m not talking about the ASIC diff race. I agree with you all.
I’m talking about those firm who invest in bitcoin technologies.

If they could bring more fresh dollars and volume in the blockchain, I won’t complain about the diff raise.
At 500$/BTC I could turn back online my obsolete Rockminer R3 :smile:


Toomim Bros is trying to buy some of these and sell shares which would be interesting.


except for the fact that by the time it reaches $500 the diff is probably more than double, and block reward is halved!
LOL. No R3 love for you.


I put back to work my old dusty G-Blade this summer … I never saw it coming. It was profitable all summer.
KNC Titans selling price did a huge jump of value. We never know.
I still love my unplugged R3, it’s mine. :satisfied: