Spoondolies & genesis Cloud mining


I belive i found something interesting, spoondolies & genesis :smiley:

Looks interesting


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That’s funny because the people charging back the most in iGaming (poker etc) are usually people from the US. Since they simply dump their deposit into a marginal hand and then reference UIGEA. Europeans are less likely to charge back. (From my experience anyway)

Looks interesting

Click the sign-up button, ref link to genesis-mining. if you remove the ref= once you’re on the genesis-mining website it wont show the same website logo “powered by…”


Yeah right is that one any good? I know this is the KNC topic but I’m looking for something that actually works.


So spoondolies is reffering themselfs for genesis?


AFAIK they supplied hardware for Genesis so probably worked out some kind of a branding deal.


Ahhh ok, so when genesis is backed by spoondolies they should be legit or?


Doesn’t make their contracts more profitable.

I remember GM announcing new contracts being offered (soon). Perhaps what you’ve found is part of that?


Maybe. They have legit hardware apparently, although that still leaves a couple of red flags.



Idk it is possibel, i have an acc at genesis but can’t log in with spoondolies affi link, so i created an new account.


I see, let’s get @keymaster to fork our replies to a new discussion. This seems interesting.




Well I agree with some of those points. But backing by a miner manufacturer is a good sign.


Well I just bough 50GH at 0.107BTC. Let’s see what happens.


Has anything happened yet?

Oh the suspense


Bummer nothing yet.


Oh man… We wait… Hopefully not as long as ltcgear. Lol


Are the prices the same if you go direct to the website compared to the spoondy link?


Have not tried that. Try to set up an account with the spoondy ref link and see what happens.


I will do that shortly…


50 = 0.102