Spring 2015 Bitmain hardware info thread


DrCharles posted this tidbit (from BCT) on HT:

S2-replace PCB will be released after Chinese Spring Festival, and it will be serial powered too, and its power consumpiton at wall will be less than 0.4W/G.

Source: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=728068.msg10435170#msg10435170

Presuming this is the chipset that will eventually be integrated into the S6 or S7, I’m opening this thread to keep track of the next gen of Bitmain hardware. Maybe it should be consolidated into a single 2015Q2 Hardware thread?


Nice find, thanks for sharing.


I saw that post on BTCtalk and I’ve already reached out to Bitmain about it since we’re currently negotiating batch 2 for GH. Hopefully we get more info soon. :wink:


I will have a surprise very soon I’ve been told. I will share ASAP. I wish their holiday was not so long. LOL


I hope they will release a new product like a S6 or C2, not just upgrade board for S2. S5 is a great machine but I was disappointed with high pitch noise and lack of case. S3+ are nice machine, small load and quiet and yet powerful ( in his time ).


Me too. It is going to be interesting how much longer or not manufacturers sell to non industrial miners.


Why the hell don’t we have holidays like that? lol :slight_smile:


Because we messed up. LOL