Staking Coins


Is there an available list of POS coins and suggestions on which ones to use? I have been trying to find all the ones out, how they are used (purchasing, bill pay, etc.).


I think @vancefox knows about a list somewhere.


You could check out

Look for Peercoin and any fork from there.

(Edit: Missed an arrow for the YAC fork from NVC)

I’m currently staking

  • Blackcoin
  • Shadow
  • Paycoin

Also setting up new nodes atm to add more for “things to come”.


That’s basically what it is… Just follow NXT & PPC and associated forks.

As for mine,



Are those worth staking? What’s their staking reward and how much would you suggest to put into stake on those coins? (as in avg balance to make it viable)


If you follow PoS coins, they rise and fall. So at the present moment, no. But before, yes. And most likely in the future one of them will be.

Tekcoin - 40%/30 days. Any amount per block will stake at this time fairly quickly. I have ~1000 coins per block. This coin has decent development support through noise (Truckcoin). A horrendous grand fork event caused a large sell off when it wasn’t clear the coin would recover. Since then the coin has been going strong but is currently valued @ ~ 1000 sat each.

Hobonickels - 5%/10 days. Any amount per block will stake but it may take a little time for smaller blocks. I have ~2000 coins per block. This coin has strong development support from Tranz. The coin is strong and has a low PoS rate to maintain inflation. Current value is ~3000 sat each.

Bottlecaps - 200% per yr/15 days. Any amount per block will stake but it may take a little time for smaller blocks. I have ~2000 coins per block. This coin is also developed by Tranz. It gets attention after HBN. Current value is ~ 1000 sat each.

Hyperstake - 750% per yr/8.8 days. Any amount below 3000 coins will take forever to stake. I have ~5000 coins per block. The coin has strong development support from presstab. This coin is an experiment into hyperinflation and how to control it’s effects. It has a 1000 coin per staked block max to reduce inflation. There will be further make further adjustments to inflation. Current value is ~ 200 sat each.


Thanks for the detailed info. Hope you don’t mind that I copied it :slight_smile:


Here’s a list here too:

Strangely, it doesn’t list BitcoinDark (BTCD) which begins staking after 8 hrs at 5%/yr.

I’m staking:

  • BTCD
  • XPY

I’m thinking about maybe doing BlackCoin again.


Thanks for the link.

As for Blackcoin, do it! It’s pretty much the only coin I have in constant stake :slight_smile:


How many blackcoin do you need to earn any type of reward?It seems to be a good coin.


Any amount but the staking reward is very low. Last time I checked it was 1% or so but I have a fair amount staking since I got into BLK pretty early. BLK is my favorite alt :slight_smile:


@cyberdexter Thanks, yea i have been looking for another coin to get into,as a friend got me into crypto around thanksgiving. Well the first coin about did it for me as it was xpy. We all know how that is working out! lol


Check out the Blackcoin Discussion and the BlackHalo / BitHalo Discussion.

BLK was one of my first alts, the coin has a great developer, very cool community and a dedicated group of people and community developers that keep working on BLK and the coins adoption. It’s also the first alt that was added to the Genesis ATM side by side with Bitcoin. I love BLK and imho it’s totally under-valued.


A little clarification on BTCD please. Does it generate supernet stake as well?
Is there a way to tie it into supernet to stake on top of BTCD regular stake?


I’ve mined a few thousand BLK in the past via - guess I’ll switch back over for a while. Probably have to change the output address since it most likely goes to Cryptsy for auto-sell…


I always have some power on the Blackcoinpool, goes straight to my staking wallet :slight_smile:


Just updated my TEK wallet from 2013 - found 165 coins I didn’t remember having. Wonder if they’ll stake fairly quickly once two years of blocks catch up. :slight_smile: Looks like I used to mine them on


Ugh - anyone have any current HBN nodes? I updated and I’m not seeing any connections.

EDIT: NVM - I found this:


Make sure you update the wallet to the most current and you might want to use a bootstrap blockchain to get you past that horrendous great forkage…


BitcoinDark will soon offer three separate revenue strands – meaning that as well as any ‘intrinsic’ value it has, holders will also receive regular dividends from different sources:
• 5% annual staking revenue
• 5% InstantDEX revenue
• 5% SuperNET revenue