Stop using Coinswap


Coinswap went full GAW it looks like, 6 days with no communication on a 17K+ BLK withdraw that shows completed with NO txid, emails go into a black hole noone answers IRC, the twitter account seems dead. BEWARE!


Let me see if I can find Ian for you.


I appreciate it, trying to get anyone over there is like looking for Hoffa.


When you do find him tell him to check his WebOfTrust and other sites, he is getting messages there too.


My understanding is that Ian and his team no longer run Coin-Swap. They heard they are available to provide support if GAW pays them to provide support. I’ll let you take the next logical step…


Already talked to buffoon central (GAW), they are under the “understanding” that coinswap is still providing their own support…interesting.


Guess its time to file a in small claims in OK. It will only cose me $15, and I live 3 blocks from the Court House.


Ian hit me up on twitter, he is looking into it.


Im glad I didnt drop the small claims case, they have stopped talking to me. I wont be droping it untill the coins hit my wallet.


BTW still no coins and I do believe that I am now on ignore.


Realy do not use Coinswap, They are still holding my coins and the only answers I get is silence…dont do it!


And now I have my coins.


I will thankyou


Do you know how to get a hold of whoever can help with coinswap? I have tried email and IRC chat “support” and nothing so far… I tried transferring out XPY and it appears to be stuck there, no TX ID is listed on the W/D page.

#15, but it is…hard…to get an answer out of him, I think he is tied up with trying to get away from a < company that shall not be named>. He got a tweet a day from me for 2-3 weeks before i got my coin.