Stripe opens up Bitcoin payments to everyone


Stripe has finally opened up Bitcoin payments for all of its users, after more than a year of beta testing. The new service launched today and merchants can add Bitcoin as an option for their customers with one small line of code. Stripe is one of the largest mobile payment processors in the world, and is utilized by Kickstarter, Shopify, Lyft, Pebble, and many more.

Stripe launched a beta program for bitcoin back in May 2014. During that time, merchants accepted bitcoin from more than 60 countries, proving its global capabilities. Stripe added support for Apple Pay and Alipay last year, but neither of those centralized services hold the same global potential as Bitcoin.

Stripe will be taking a 0.5 % fee for every bitcoin transaction, so there are cheaper bitcoin-centric alternatives. It is, however, much cheaper than Stripe’s other options. Fiat options through Stripe run a 2.9% fee, plus 30 cents, for every successful transaction. This spread should be enough to demonstrate the power of Bitcoin to Stripe merchants.

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This has pretty huge potential. This can be a nice healthy step forward!