Swarm Simulator



Basically harvest insects that grow into biggers guys etc.

Pretty cool incremental/afk type game… No graphics but easy to learn, keeps going and going with new stuff… Hoping some people already play it or can provide tips/tricks/advice etc…

I haven’t reached first ascension yet - It’s not a quick game to ascend like many others. I like it:) Gotten a few people around here to play.

Let me know what you think!:slight_smile:


I hate you. :smile:


This kinda sucks there’s too much to it, it’s kinda confusing…

Oh man I need to start getting my Hives up, I need more Greater Queens, but more larva would be good so I’ll send out those territory bugs…



I keep thinking I’ll be able to ascend today… but it keeps becoming tomorrow… talk about diminishing returns… Maybe by Friday LOL


you nasty, nasty person. Who’s gonna do my work now?!?


First ascension was yesterday!:slight_smile: Getting some harvester mutations to up my larvae production!!!


I’m clicking and clicking and clicking…


I like this in that you don’t have to mindlessly click away and can set things in motion and come back to see how everything is going. :+1:


Aaaaarrrrrrrrgh!!! :smiley:


So… Where’s everyone at??? I have two games of this going… 1 at work and 1 at home. 3 ascensions each…

Got to a couple trillion mutagen so far and bought 3 mutations.

For what it’s worth… Swarm warp is kickass… It’s better than mutate larva and clone.


You nerd, but yeah I ascended twice at home, only at home.


Heh… I “ascend” at home to your fiance’s pictures.


/giphy boom!

Aww crap…


I would get fired playing at work…if the firewall even let it through.

That said, ascending for the second time this evening. My first play through wasn’t the most efficient, but the point is to improve and build on the last run.

I’ve only got around 9 million mutagen, but still having fun :smile: