Tanki online


I been playing this game for about 2 years now. Its a tank themed FPS. There is a “crystal” economy that is used for upgrades. You win crystal depending on how well you do in battle. There is a fund generated in battle for every kill and score action. That fund is divided up among the players with the winners or winning team getting the lions share of the fund. Very fun game…if you guys get in let me know and I will get you in on TeamSpeak and show you around a little. Use my link to sign up, I will get a little something if you sign up through me :blush:

Here are some screen shots…they are big so you can see details so you have to goto the link http://imagizer.imageshack.com/img673/5306/iGjNJx.png


I used to get into games like these heavy. Hell… two years back the boss, myself and other coworkers used to have a mutual lunch hour where we played Command & Conquer. I miss these games. IF I had internet at home I’d be playing with ya :slight_smile:


Looks like fun! Haven’t played a shooter like this in quite a while.

Lately my spare gaming time has gone into Magic the Gathering deck building & then I play most Friday nights. Good fun in the real world.


There are a few game modes. Death match, team death match, capture the flag ( team ) and capture point (team). In the beginning with lower ranks its a little slow but you rank up fast. After the first few ranks it starts to get challenging and you can see the skill level of players gets better. I play about 3 or 4 times a week and been playing like that for about 2 years and I am only about 3/4 to top rank…so there is some longevity and enough challenges to keep it interesting.

There is a huge forum community around the game with clans, teams and tournaments. Cash prizes for team tournaments. …I think the last big tourney was $30k grand prize.


Dang, winners on the Magic cards Pro Tour barely get that much :wink:


After 2013 they started upping the prize pool… but yeah still not worth quitting your day job.




I am already addicted to World of Tanks and Heroes & Generals, PLEASE don’t tempt me!!!



Man!!! I wanted to play WOT so bad…I can’t (right now) because it does not support apple OS.

I used to play BF2 ( BattleField 2) quite a bit and really enjoyed tank battle.

you right about that…